Show pictures of you drumming


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just a few picks first of me giging the redlion in gravesend, then me recording at panache audio, and finaly my band "live element" performing on a fat stage far out shot.


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It's a pic took at the gig about 6 months ago. BTW I don't play with this band anymore.


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djttwin2 Nice set- I'm waiting for my 18 inch floor tom to arrive and I'm making a similar kit- 1 tom 2 floor toms :]


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Sweet pics guys!

Aeternal - amazing set. What is it?

edit - nevermind. Conaway = truly amazing


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loop":1gx7cj0z said:
Is that you? Crazy pic and cool drumset, haha!
yep, that was my prize possession back then.
Now I think it's really funny that on the drum head there's a picture of a guy playing the same set in a band. Like you could really use that toy set in a band! :lol: