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Here they are, I saved and saved and finally have the kit of my dreams. This kit sounds amazing. The resonance is second to none. The kit consists of 12" x 8" , 16" x 14", 22" x 20" and a 14" x 4" snare.
Saving for new cymbals but for now I play the lowly ZBT Zildjian family...

Feast your eyes on these babies!!!!



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are those the pulse cymbal racks? i hate those things...if you haven't already found out, the part that tightens and loosens so you can change the angle of the cymbal always comes loose and the cymbal keep getting more perpindicular to the ground as you hit it. i got two of them for free, and i use them for two of my splashes, because i rarely pound away at them, and i don't have to adjust them as much...overall though man, you have a solid kit...i've never heard those drums though, what is the sound like?


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Wow, I always wanted to play on these drums. Hope I'll do it sometimes:) For now I'm green with envy :oops:


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how did you get my dream kit? That is so fucking awsome. Your so lucky. If you don't mind me asking how much did that cost you?? I need to know how much i need to save up. :D


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nice looking set but, imo, ocdps are overrated and horrendously overpriced. for as much as those 3 drums cost you id much rather have a pearl reference or a tama starclassic bubinga production set. plus, im not into maple unlesss its in a snare (hence my vented 6x14 spaun). its awesome that you got youre dream set though. now you just have to start saving for some good cymbals (i was stuck with zbts for a while and have been upgrading to sabian aax/hh).


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i played an orange county snare the other it was probaly the best sounding drum ive ever played its sooo tighht and it was actually pretty thick so it had some weight to it. those are nice dude im glad you got your dream kit specially when its one of those. musta been saving up for a while.


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awesome set! Im in a similar situation, i like my drums alot (not quite a dream set but im happy with 'em) but i have ZBTs too.


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Nice set, I dont want to be a Kill Joy but OCDP uses Keller Maple shells. The only thing custom about them is the paint. DW uses the same claim that they use custom shells but not all the time and the timber matching is also a sales pitch. check out drummaker.com and go to the message boards and youll learn alot from drum builders around the world. I also build drums so I know something about the industry. NOT TO TAKE AWAY FROM YOUR KIT CAUSE IT IS BEAUTIFUL. :)