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Great set!. Post some specs because it looks really interesting!

PS - lefty setups are always a bit weird for me to look at :wink: if you know what I mean

PS2 - welcome to the forums!


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How do I post pics? I have a newer pic that shows it in an even different configuration and I am clueless as how to do so.

I am glad to post on some specs but I gotta have the pics so that you will believe me when I tell you. I have done a little modding(LOL) and if I don't show you the pics, there is not way you buy it.



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I have played drums for twenty years now and this is the story of my most recent kit. I have had several kits over the years and I wish I had photos of them but I do not. I will do my best to be brief about them and my change is preferences here.

My first kit was a Yamaha Power-V, they were black wrapped, 12-13-16-18 inch toms and two 16x22 Bass drums with a Premier Heavy Rock nine for a snare. It was a 14x9 inch birck shell with a brass wrap and bearing edges. Its nickname was "Death Cut"..I knew how to hit it..
I had some really nice Zildjian's, a mix of A's and Z's 15' new beats, 24' heavy power ride..

All gone, stolen. except the snare, which was in hock at the time.

My second kit was a Tama Rock Star kit with basically the same set-up except that they were brushed metal.

All gone, stolen including the snare this time. All I can say for myself is that my life choices have gotton a lot smarter since that time some ten years ago now.

When I had gotton myself into a better place in my life I started playing again and a friend of mine let me play on his kit and he had this 16' 2002 Paiste crash that I fell in love with and I soon found myself searching for more of the same.

when I got the money I found this little five piece Yamaha for $500 and snatched it up. They are Stage Customs made befor they started having the two piece lug versions, I bought them in 2000.

My taste in music by now has become much more varied and I love to play much more "funky" than used too. I was a metal head for a long time but I woke up. :)

As you can see I picked up another set of 15' new beats, I would later trade those for the snare I have now, trust me its was a good trade, I got these 15' 2002 soundedge's that I love to death. Plus I had to have all the same brand cymbals, that's just how I am. I think that the 2002 cymbals are the best on the planet, I can't help it, to me they sound exactly the way I want. I'm in love, anyway..

Since then I have picked up a 20' Signature Dry Heavy ride, 17' crash, 16' medium, 18' novo china, 16' 602 china and a 12' 802 splash.

Here are a few shots from when I was in the studio with a friend a couple of years ago, YOU GOTTA LOVE THAT RUG!!! LOL!!

Now the snare you see is an OLD Tama Grand Star 14x6 Birch shell with a chrome wrap that I traded the 15' new beats for..like I said a nice trade. It sound beautiful but guess what I did...

I took the wrap off and sanded it down, painted it black to bring out the wood grain and then sanded it down again, now reapeat that about six times.....it sucked but when I finally put the red to it..it looked really good.

Here she is in all her glory..its OK people, you can drool. She sounds as good as she looks.

Here she is with the kit in the same room as my friend Damion's kit.

It has changed since then but I will leave that for another time, soon.

So, tell me what you think so far?


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So..the keyboard player has this Gretch kit sitting in the same room we practice in and it is set up right handed and every once in a while I get behind it and try to sound good.
This one time while I was 'effing' around the guys said I should put them on my kit..so I did.

They sound really good and now I have completely re-thought my position on Gretch.
We have done almost all the recordings on them and I have to admit that I have gotten really used to having four toms again.
I will admit that I play them with much more taste than I used to when I was playing Heavy Meatal and Thrash ans stuff.

So here it is..

MY kit all miked up, what you do not see are the two boom mikes overhead..


So now I have threee different brand name of drums making up my kit, I am a drum whore(no insult to any women intended, honest)

But I only have one kind of Cymbals though, so I can keep some measure of self respect..NOT!!!



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Thank You!!

I had no idea what I was doing when I started it and when I was done I had no idea how I did it.