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One of my last gigs playing with a jazz big band; during my solo at the end of news blue, EVERYONE just walks off the stage and I'm left hanging all by my lonesome. I'm already a shy drummer as it is, but it was fun, and my "what the fuck?!" reaction was picked up quite nicely after listening to the recording.

Ah, memories...good times, *teardrop*.


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gOneMaD":7udbt679 said:
I remember throwing up in the parking lot before my first gig.
:shock: I was never nervous, i have a frontman personality, my frustration is that, my voice isn't heard, because i always believed i had something funny to say but, i keep my mouth shut..


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danyo141 said:
worst AND best
Best would have to be the second gig, sweet little 16, I guess, quite safely hidden behind the drums while the others shat their pants. Just playing and enjoying, really, and -- the remaining memory -- looking out for a white jumper moving through the crowd, popping up here n there. After the show my suspicion who was inside it got confirmed ... ... yeah, and then, another few weeks later, I got my hands underneath that jumper.
Not for very long, though.

Worst gigs tend to involve terrible monitors, with not much more than white noise that should've been blasting through the PA at soundcheck, the others hardly visible either, and you're drive is like going uphill with the handbrakes on, utter fog ahead, black nothingness in the rearview mirror. After awhile, usually in the middle of some powercut or whatever embarassement, I tend to wake up.
Phew all around.


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At our last gig there was like 8 bands, we were the last band because all the other bands are hardcore bands and were not, the 3rd band that went on had all tho`s karate dancers, one kid kicked some other kid in the head and they started to fight. When the crowd started to walk away from them i looked at the kid and half of his ear was ripped off. ::Sucks for him, that karate dancing is DUMB AS SHIT:: So the people who put on the show said if there was any more fighting of any kind they would shut the show down, so like 3 more bands went on and every thing was fine until tho`s karate dancers started to do their gay dance again. :x So yet again another fight happened, but this time they were fighting in the area where all the gear was. I wasn't near them but i saw a girl get punched in the face by some guy and then get trampled. I ran over but couldn't get to the girl to help her, The guy next to me got thrown in to the next bands drum set and allmost crushed the bass drum and one of his toms, so they kicked out like 60% of the crowd and said the show was over until all of our fans started freaking out because they wouldn't let us go on. So they made us wait like 30 mins before even talking to our manager, So to shorten this story they let us play and we fuckin rocked the house. Since then we had so many offers for shows and so on.

:D thats my story


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my first gig was actually really cool everything went well , and all the other bands we played with where really cool! but the set went by so damn fast, we only had a half hour set, it seemed like it was only about ten minutes, but it was fun, we did a speed metal version of Beat It by MJ. LOL!!!

but our last show was bad! we played a great show, but we had a really bad storm that night so getting to the gig was a bitch, and getting home was even worse. we had like 85 mph winds that night that knocked out power all over the state!
Worst Gig had to be with my last band Darkness awaits. It was out in Santa Barbabra (we all live about 5 or 6 hours from there) So we all made a weekend out of it, we got seperate hotels in two different cities about 45 mins from the show. We went up, played 2 songs, and during the 3rd, the cops came and shut it down! We were fucking PISSED!!!! And to top that, one of the bands was gonna continue the show at their practice space, but only THEY were gonna play, they wouldn't let any of the other bands finish THEIR set!!!!

Best Gig so far has also been with Darkness Awaits. Not any one specifically I guess, 'cause they were all pretty sweet. But I guess Chain Reaction was the most fun, and the best we played as musicians at that point in the band.

But I think My new band is gonna top that as soon as we get our shit together!!!!


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Worst gig. About 12 years ago my old band played a festival at a ski resort. It was to be a great time. They put us up in a slope side condo for the weekend , paid us a bunch of money up front (thank God!) and there were a ton of people.Here's where it takes a turn for the worse. The show went great. It was inside a hockey arena due to in-climate weather. So we loaded the van and the event coordinator told us we could park the van in the arena overnight. Around midnight we are up in the room wasted (we tended to partake n many substances back then) and the phone rings. The desk clerk says the Police are there and would like to have a word with us. "Uh Oh flush everything you can it will be cool" (yeah right). I walk down along with our sound guy and there are 2 state troopers and two town cops along with the Police chief. Now this chief was all of 5 foot 2 and 100 pounds but 60 of it was mouth and attitude. He starts in on us that our trusty Ford E-200 leaked oil on the newly poured concrete floor. I have never been screamed at as much as that night. He told us if we did not leave right then he would throw us in jail. I said I am not stupid as he knew We had been drinking and they would pick me up for DWI at the end of the road.

Luckily a state trooper (who was really cool) told me to just go to the condo , sleep it off and get the hell out of Dodge! As we left the lobby the chief screamed about restitution for the floor and never stepping foot in HIS town again.

The next morning we left and never heard anything about it again. Pretty lucky .

for the best gig involved illegal substances , strippers , bathtub full of beer , a hotel in Boston filled to capacity with a folk music convention , live radio broadcasts , baggage carts , balconies and oh yeah. I think we played a show that night too.

-legal disclaimer-
Just for the record , I do not in any way condone this type of destructive behavior. We were young and stupid and ended up damaging our music careers which were quite good and full of future promise. Now life if straight edge and better.


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my 1st real gig was at this little venue in peterborough, nh its like a teenager center or some crap. but they do the booking and they booked a bunch of mix bands the 1st band sounded like i dont even know like a death cab for cutie wanna be basically. so we finally got on and all their fans left and we live like 45 minutes away so we only played in front of like 15 people. but yea im sure everybody has had those.
then my last gig was pretty close to where we're from so their were about 200 people there and we went on last. it was going pretty well but one band we couldnt get a straight answer casue we kept gettin answers from differnet players. but yea we go on and yea i had the bright idea to put my drums on the stage so i could project the sound better but bad idea their wasnt enough room for the amps so i just said f it and we dont have monitors. so i couldnt hear shit. so we had this like big thing i was rolling on the cymbals and they turned the lights out. and then we started playing and they flashed them on and it was pretty cool but the pa shit out so we had to stop and fix it and we played like shit but my bassist is a nutbag and swings his bass so we put on a pretty good show. but yea i was disappointed.


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I wish I had the video of this one. I'm playing for 500+ people, opening for Firehouse and Slaughter in 97 (?) the stick in my right hand broke in half, I have a few more bars before a 4 beat break, so I kept going. On the very last note, what I had in my hand broke in half. So I threw away a 4 inch piece of drum stick, just enough time to grab another, and got right back into the song! To a few wide eyed kids in front, I said oh, yeah, I do that all the time!

Worst gig, went for a cymbal catch and caught an 18" crash right under the thumbnail!


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LebBoomer":3f00gz63 said:
every thing was fine until tho`s karate dancers started to do their gay dance again. :x So yet again another fight happened, but this time they were fighting in the area where all the gear was. I wasn't near them but i saw a girl get punched in the face by some guy and then get trampled. I ran over but couldn't get to the girl to help her,
i wouldve beat the living hell out of that guy if i wouldve got to him!!


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Worst gig was playing McReds in L.A. It was a hole in the wall bar, no one was there except for my wife and the band that went on after us and it was broadcast on the internet.
LebBoomer":2of05s15 said:
everything was fine until tho`s karate dancers started to do their gay dance again.
Ahh yes....we've played that show before....the dreaded "pit ninja." Got to love 'em. We were the first band to perform on a night of seven or eight (chose to go first this time; I love production companies who book you without knowing who you are). Had a good show, had a pit rolling. We are an average age of thirty. The remaining bands were some psuedo hardcore and were all about fourteen, if that. We watched as their mommys pooped them out of various $40,000+ SUVs before the show. Seemed like they all had a good reason to be raging mad. We stayed for a while. Everything was fine until the "karate dancers started to do their gay dance." A pit ninja started a fight with one of our fans....our kids proceeded to kick thier asses. I loved it. Not our best or worst show, just lots of fun.

Rob Crisp

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Best gig was a couple of weeks ago. We got booked to play a metal night, we're not even remotely metal!

We didn't know how we were gonna go down, but fortunately they loved us. 450 kids screaming, jumping and moshing.. we've never been moshed to before!

Worst gig for me personally was at Camden barfly, big headline show and the bands old drummer was there. They always talked about him really fondly and I often felt I was compared to him too much.

Every time a light flashed all I could see was him grinning at me.. I doropped so many sticks I ran out and had to play with mallets for half a song.

Never bothered having loads of sticks as i don't often break or drop them.


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When I was in my last band, we had a gig when I was extremely sick. I was in the bathroom between every set. Oddly enough, it turned out really well. I must have been concentrating more to avoid throwing up. lol


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Well my last band had one gig about a week before we broke up. And at that time it was only drums and guitar. So it was the worst one I've ever played.

Some of the trouble started before the show. The sound guy was either drunk or high, and completely neglected to mic my drums. He even told it to my face that he didn't want to bother.
Then my cheap pedals had a problem. A lot of times the right beater on my double pedal would come out during the songs. Luckily that did not happen at all on that show.

Now onto the show itself. This had not been my first gig, it was my sixth of seventh so I was completely cool. My mediocre guitarist, on the other hand, was very nervous. Between almost every song he would have to ask me what the order of the song was so he didn't play shit where it didn't belong. Then when we went between one of our newer songs to one of our older songs, he had to switch guitars. The second guitar was not in tune. ten minutes later he finally gave up on tuning it and we went onto out next song.

That went well and we moved onto a Slipknot cover. It was on that recording I realized he could not play that song (and especially all the nice people on youtube. they had no problem bashing us for minor problems!). Other than the fact the he could not play it right, it went well until about halfway through when I felt that sickening feeling when the stick feels lighter and loses rebound. I had no extra sticks with me either. We finished the song and because of the broken stick, I couldn't deliver the drum solo everyone was waiting for =(

Best gig was with my stepdad's southern rock band. I'm not going to go into specifics, but I wasn't using my kit. I was using a three piece Ludwig with an amazing Slingerland snare that had to be over 30 years old and Zildjian A Custom cymbals. Long story short, I had about 30 shit-faced drunk people all over me telling me how amazing I was


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I've had lot's of great gigs and lot's of really bad gigs but two that stick out in my head.

Bad one first. I played in a Punk Rock band. Toured all over the midwest, made records, all that jazz. Did a lot of great and fun stuff. We got booked at this house show in Lawrence, KS. We're all big KU fans so it's always fun to play in Lawrence. We get to the house and it's full of people. A great time was about to be had, then we found out we were playing in the basement. We got set up, let everyone know that we were gonna start. And no one came down from the main floor. A bunch of punk rawk lookin kids hangin out getting drunk up stairs, and no one watching us down stairs. I lost my faith in punk rock at that show. I didn't want my band to ever be someones entertainment, I wanted to make political and philosophical statements and have more meaning than just the music. That's why I like Punk music. But I hate poseurs. The jocks and rednecks that they all hate so much act like that. And if you're no different then you got no reason to hate. They're just regurgitating the crap they hear on records, not really making up their own minds. To me that's a definition of a poseur. That show really hurt. I felt like a flame extinguished. I retired from that band soon after. I still to this day wish I could get back to writing songs in the same vein of my former band, because I really thought we were doing something great, and we did strike a nerve with some people, all over the world even, but I can't ever get over my anger and frustration of all the poseurs and music scene politics.

Now to the great, and it's bitter sweet, but still it's one of my happiest days of my life. I remember when Joey Ramone died, my band played a show, a couple days later and we did a Ramones cover. Blitzkreg Bop. We ended our set with it and for some reason we really helped people get happy again, because there was a lot of depressed people in the scene. But that was just one song. Then fast forward some time to Joe Strummer. The Clash, man if I could only listen to one band the rest of my life, it'd be the Clash. His death was really hard because it was out of no where. And people were really depressed again. The main punk rawk venue in KC put together a Clash tribute show where all the bands would play Clash tunes. All the heaviest hitters in the KC scene were gonna play. I got my band hooked up with the opening slot. I spent a lot of time hanging out at this venue, and I saw a lot of shows, but I'd never seen it so full of people. And not just punks, but the rude boys were all out, the skins, hardcore kids, normal people too. It was everyone. And I thought, that is what music is supposed to do. Bring people together. Bring different people together and give them a reason to hangout and be friends. I've still never seen a circle pit as intense as when we started the show out with "White Riot" and went straight into "Clash city Rockers" And seeing all the different people getting along and dancing and having fun, it was awe inspiring. That's why I was playing this music. My wife and I were talking about the greatest days of my life the other day. And beyond the obligatory day I got married, birth of my kids, type days, that Clash tribute show popped in my head. It was really great to be able to be apart of that show. I'll never forget it.


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best gig- a cancer benefit for my guitarists aunt. we started the show off perfectly, ended it perfectly, and got a free hamburger lunch. the only mistake I think I made is I think i hit the rim on the tom.

Worst gig-a graduation party. everybody was off that day. I couldn't get in time for when I come around, our guitarist was rushing thru every song, and, on top of that, I forgot my bass pedal, thank god the guy's brother recently got a drum set.