Settle An Arguement About BassHead Port Location


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My friend and I are in a dead locked battle over whether port location and size has anything to do with the over all resulting sound. i wont give away who has the side to prevent scueing results. so all of you please tell what you think and i will print off the results for him so that we both have hard evidence and can settle this arguement. this covers, location of the port, size of the port, combination of multiple ports, and combination of multiple port sizes. any combination of these things.


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we all know the purpose of poting the kick is to have access to the kick batter for close micing. as for the small spec....

smaller the port, the more tone your reso head will have. the bigger the port, the less tone. the more of the head you take away, the more of the sound you're gonna kill. i've seen people put 3 8 icnh ports in their heads for the purpose of killing most of the reso tone to give the same effect as having blankets or pillows in the drum against the reso head.

as for location, center of the head will kill the most tone simply because its right in the center deadening the head around the hole. if you have it offest, then there will be more of the head area in tact to resonate and create the tone.

as for off estting the ports, i've always believed its just about how you mic it. if you're using a small boom stand to get the mic in there, then you need to port in a place where the mic can be placed properly without the stand against the port.


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to be soundman friendly,its been my experience a (5") hole at the 4 or 5 o'clock position.They'll love you for it.You really want to jack'em up....go to a gig with no hole at all.


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any hole bigger than 8 inches like not having a front head at all. I like the 3 or 9 o'clock position so I can gt the mic angled correctly although I do trigger my kick now


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I have my reso head ported with a 6" hole at around 4 o'clock. Still has great tone and allows the mic to be positioned with no problems.


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I'd like to put a 5" or 6" port in the center of my pearl bass drum what do you guys think? Isn't it going to kill the sound? I like the look when it's in the center but i don't wanna have a crappy sound just because it looks good lol :D thanks