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Is all of this worth the $? I will not stray from this company because my band is getting new stuff through them and I wanted to make it easier on them. FYI, I play heavy rock like Staind and Breaking Benjamin. I'm limiting myself to about $2500 and need a set, hats, 2 crashes, a china, splash and a ride. Any ideas?

Gibraltar KT708 Backrest Drum Throne
Item# GIR KT708
Free Shipping! 2/6/2007 $129.95

Zildjian Drummers Gloves
This Product is eligible for Free Shipping! 2/6/2007 $17.95

Pearl XK050 Drum Key
Item# PEA XK050
This Product is eligible for Free Shipping! 2/6/2007 $3.95

Pearl Power Pro BC800W Double Duty Cymbal Boom Stand
Item# PEA BC800W
Free Shipping! 2/13/2007 $59.95

Sabian Neil Peart Paragon Crash Cymbal
Item# SAI NP1608N
Free Shipping! 2/6/2007 $179.95

Drum Workshop DW 7002PT Double Bass Drum Pedal
Item# DRU 7002PT
Free Shipping! 1/26/2007 $199.95

Paiste 2002 Thin Crash Cymbal
Item# PAI 200216TCR
Free Shipping! 2/6/2007 $174.95

Kaces III Crash Pad Drum Rug with Nylon Carry Bag
Item# KAC KCP5
This Product is eligible for Free Shipping! 2/12/2007 $39.95

Roland RMP3 Rhythm Coach
Item# ROL RMP3
Free Shipping! 2/9/2007 $145.00

Paiste PST 5 Splash Cymbal
Item# PAI 0652210
This Product is eligible for Free Shipping! 1/26/2007 $33.95

Zildjian Z Custom Thrash Ride Cymbal
Item# ZIL Z40219
Free Shipping! 2/12/2007 $209.95

Zildjian Z Custom Hi Hats
Item# ZIL Z40716
Free Shipping! 2/14/2007 $274.98

Zildjian ZXT Total China Cymbal
Free Shipping! 2/6/2007 $64.95

Vic Firth Nova Drumsticks 5B
This Product is eligible for Free Shipping! 1/26/2007 $29.95

Mapex M5255A M Birch Standard Drum Set 5 piece (Honey Amber)
Item# MAP MB5255A TS
2/13/2007 $769.98

Tama DSB52S Standard 5 Piece Drum Bag Set
Item# TAM DSB52S
Free Shipping! 2/9/2007 $109.95

Tama CMB22 22 inch Padded Cymbal Bag
Item# TAM CMB22
Free Shipping!




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you really need to play everything before you decide on what to buy, and things like drummers gloves are basically pointless. for your price i can make suggestions but you have to make the final decision.

1. gretsch catalina birch set - 700
2. tama roadpro stands (4 convertible stands, 1 snare, 1 hihat) - 430
3. 1 gibraltar grabber arm - 30
4. pdp double pedals -100
5. 14" hihats, maybe zildjian a customs or sabian aax
6. 20" or 22" medium ride, again, a custom or aax
7. 16" and 18" crash, probably medium weight (you could go med/thin with sabian aaxplosion)
8. 18" wuhan china. you cant really go wrong
9. roc - n - soc nitro throne because comfort is an absolute must.
10. basically any drum key will work...i use an evans flip key with some pointless light in it, but its an awesome key.
11. korg metronome (its blue) - 30

that should get you going but i suggest that you dont order the cymbals online...go to a store and find ones you like, not just whatever you can find.