selling pearl export red/black, and sabian b8 pro cymbal set


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i am selling a pearl export series. black rims, and marroon shells, nice and lightly used. oh, the snare drum is a limited edition chad smith , dark gray mettallic pearl snare, also, sold separately, i have a sabian cymbal kit, all lightly used. there is a 16" crash and a 18" crash, a 10" splash , 14" hi-hats, and a 20" inch ride. they are all the limited edition b8 pro series sabian cymbals. im selling all the cymbals for $300.00, and the drumset for $500.00, im giving you guys a huge deal! i originally got the drum set for $650.00 and i got the cymbals for like $499.99. e-mail me if you want to get the cymbals or the drum kit. , thanks guys.