selling a drumset


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I'm selling a Gretsch Catalina Birch Set for 1100, Its a great set uhhhh its in perfect condition, I love this set!!!!!

- 22" x 18" bass
- 10" x 8", 12" x 9", and 14" x 14" toms
- 5" x 14" snare
- Double tom holder
- Single tom clamp
- 8-ply birch shells
- GTS suspension on toms
- Matching finish birch bass drum hoops
- Snare stand
- Straight and Boom Cymbal stands
- Double Bass Pedal



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i dont know where you got that set but 1100 is pretty much a rip off unless it comes with all the cymbals too. gc used to sell 6 piece catalina birch sets for 600 i think.

that being said, you do have a great set of drums....i wish i had a set.


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Sounds like Shyte to me.....And notice it's his first post.....How about getting to know us a little bit before trying to shill some gear off on us at a crummy price. It sort of makes you come off like a used car salesman.


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From Musicians Friend: ... sku=445672

Gretsch Drums Catalina Birch Fusion Floor Shell Pack
Gretsch and birch make a dynamite combination!
The Gretsch Catalina Birch Fusion Floor Shell Pack takes one of the most respected names in drums in an exciting direction, integrating the crisp attack and full tone of birch with Gretsch's time-honored tradition of fine drum-making.

8-ply birch shells deliver great clarity of tone with naturally-attenuated overtones that lets these drums sound great with little or no muffling. Includes sturdy 12.7mm tom mount and professional Evans batter heads. Shell pack only. Just add your choice of hardware and cymbals for a spectacular customized drum set.

Price: $499.99
List Price: $1,155.00


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Its a $500 set, add $400 for the hardware pack, your sets worth about $900 brand new. you havent specefied anything on the cymbals but b8 pro's are almost bottom of the barrel, you should be selling that kit for no more than $700