Scott Phillips


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former creed drummer, now in Alterbridge. anybody know the drum company that custom made his kit for the Creed "Weathered" tour? its the one from the "one last breath" video. opinions on him?


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Scott plays Premier Signia series drums. As far as my opinion of him, he's great. Very clean and tight. I was a Creed fan even though Scott Stapp was a jerk-off but I will say that I like Alterbridge better.


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Scott is a Premier endorser.

Personally, I can't stand his playing. He's good, don't get me wrong, but he's a one-trick pony. Listen to the entire Creed and Alter Bridge catalogues, and you'll hear that constant hi-hat bark in every damn song. He also plays nearly the same beat in every song. Drives me up the wall. The guy is rock-solid, but has the imagination of a bag of hammers. :roll: