Saluda Earthworks and other saluda help


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Anyone use these before ..ive been looking into getting one and ive finally saved up 130 bux for a 19" crash.

I noticed the other saluda topic but none on the earthworks. Also i'm looking for recommendations from you saluda users out there. Im a big fan of AAxplosion crashes by sabian and A custom projection crashes by Zildjian and am looking around those ranges of tones and sustain.

Help appreciated

I play mainly metal (death metal, speed, blast beats, the usual) and i love to play funk and rock and groove and such so i could use a beastly and pretty versatile crash.

Also i need crashes 18" and up .. i love that size

Don't bump the topic, someone will answer. There are at least one Saluda endorsees on the forum, so be patient.


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Well I have never played any of Saluda's Earthworks series, but judging from the type of music you play (I play modern/classic rock and metal) I would highly recommend the Mist-X line. If you are a fan of the A-Custom and AA's, then some large (18/19") medium to thin crashes will be right up your alley! One of my 18" Mist-X crashes is a medium-thin with great tone. I use it quite a bit for quarter/eighth notes in heavy grooves/choruses (ala Morgan Rose of Sevendust). Just give Jamie a call over at Saluda, give him a detailed description of the sound you want, and don't worry about what "line" the cymbal is from... he will HOOK YOU UP! And if you end up being unhappy with the sound, they have some kick-ass customer service and will make you happy if you give them a chance.

Hope that helped.



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And don't forget about the Saluda Diamond series. Just as powerful as Mist-X, with a deeper, darker tone. I have 3 of them, wonderful crashes!