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I've said in posts here and elsewhere that I'll put my Saludas up against any of the "Big 4" (Zildjian, Sabian, Meinl, or Paiste) any day of the week. I traded in a complete set of Zildjians when I got my Saludas, and for me that's saying something, given that I had played Zildjian for 32 years. I don't play products that I don't believe in, and I am proud to endorse and play Saluda.


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If you dig enough, you will find negative comments on ANY cymbal/drum company. Most of this is simply "brand-bashing", or ignorant comments about a product he/she has never even tried.

With that said, when I went cymbal shopping I found that all the gear I found pleasing to my ear was top-of-the-line (go figure). I happened across Saluda Cymbals searching E-bay for deals and decided to give 'em a shot... best move I ever made.

The cymbals are top-notch, and can be pretty much tone-matched to any other company's line. The two strongest points for Saluda's are the price-point and the quality/dynamics of the cymbals themselves. I took my 18" Mist-X crashes up to my local Guitar Center and set one up against a Zildjian A Custom... everyone was blown away to say the least.

Head over to Drum Gear Online , check out the descriptions, see what line you find most appealing, give Jamie a call and tell him what you are looking for in sound characteristics, and in a few days you will be more than happy (with some cash still left in your pocket).

Let us know how it goes!


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I just bought one of thier cymbals, I just got it last night. I am an avid Paiste player and this cymbal stacks up pretty well. Only one problem, I ordered an 18" custom spec Mist-X heavy china cymbal, and they sent me an 18" mist-x heavy crash. I like the crash so much I might trade in my 18" Amun Meinl Chrash. One thing I like about them is they don't have really radical bow angles, which will keep the cymbal from cracking near the bell or on other lathing points. These cymbals are handcrafted too, there are even minor imperfections, reminds me Constantinople Zildjian stuff, classy.

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I've said in posts here and elsewhere that I'll put my Saludas up against any of the "Big 4" (Zildjian, Sabian, Meinl, or Paiste) any day of the week.

i agree w/ that statement. im also a saluda endorser. feel free to hit me up w/ ?'s .


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I thought I would give Saluda a try and was a little disappointed. I like the fact that they have sound files on their site, but I don't know that they do justice. I got a 17" Mist Brilliant Mellow Crash and it sounded more like a china than a crash. I just started building my kit collection, so I am going to probably keep it around as an effect cymbal, but not as primary crash. They are definately worth checking out. It would just be nice if you could go hear them first. The fact that they will custom make cymbals is pretty impressive.


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Hey everyone,

So I am endorsed by this company and let me just say being able to trade in all of my Sabian AAXs for all Saluda cymbals and actually being impressed by them was a big risk I took. But once I received them I recorded with them and have been playing shows with them and man, they are some extremely wonderful cymbals. The production value of these and the power and sound they produce are unquestionably great. I agree with the other post stating that I would put these guys up against any of the big 4.

They are a great company too. They treat their endorsees wonderfully. Jamie is a great guy. Check them out:

Mark my word, once you go Saluda, you'll never look back.