sabian ozone series


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i have just recently purchased an ozone 16" crash, i love the sound, great feel and looks fantastic on the kit.
my question is with the ozone having holes in it and the material being so thin does it crack easily? i find it to have a almost china type sound and is great to rock out on. how long will it last me if i keep it up???


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according to sabian... yes

when i was picking out my cymbals and was explaining my playing style they told me i probably wouldn't want any 0zones coz i'd go through them


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its all about dynamics and technique. play the cymbal the way its supposed to be played and it will last a long time. abuse any cymbal, hit it too hard too long, play through the cymbal, hit it on the edge, mount it too tightly, or any combination of the former will cause damage and greatly reduce the life span of any cymbal. if you mount the cymbal angled toward you with a loose wing nut and dont play through the cymbal it should be fine. if you insist on playing it as hard as possible, knowing that its a thin cymbal and that it already has holes that will make it more vunlerable to damage, your cymbal wont last long. in fact, if you plan on trying to demolish it then you should just send it to me where it will have a longer life.........

jk. i hope it holds up for you.

Brian L

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the o-zone look to thin to me. personally I wouldnt play with them, just because of that. but they seem to be popular at the moment with bands. so I cant really say because I never played with them. its just that they look to weak. but again, I cant really say.


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I think the crashes are great. As far as breaking them....they are effect cymbals and should be treated as such to maintain a reasonable lifespan.