Sabian HH Raw Bell Dry Ride Cymbal


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i tried it at GC
fell in love
died when i saw the price
its so amazing
anybody know a cheaper cymbal that close resembles this one?


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i own one. its worth every penny. if you love the cymbal you heard then there will be nothing that will compare and you wont feel the same about any other cymbal. i was a little skeptical on the price too because, as a teenager, i had a limited amount of money but when i played it again i knew that thats what i wanted. i just love this cymbal, its the one that i would keep if i had to sell everything else....this thing is my baby and i dont regret paying what i had to for it.


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I got 2 of the special Phil Collins signature 21" HH raw bell dry rides. I aint using anything else anymore!
Versatile, nice and clear, not loads of overtones and great bell!