Sabian AAX series


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I'm looking into sabian AAX cymbals. I need to know everyone who has used them's experiences with them... do they last long and not break quickly? if they aren't good i'll keep upgrading with meinl though they're like $100 more than sabians with every cymbal, lol.


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AAX are great! I have the 12" Splash, 16" Metal Crash, 22" Metal Ride and the 14" Studio Hats, and all are freaking great! I've had the crash and splash over a year and no sign of dent, It can take a hell of a beating and the Metal Ride is awesome. Great Stick Definition and killer bell! The hats are just perfect!



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i have 3 aax cymbals...14" and 18" aaxplosion crashes and a 10" aax splash. the crashes are some of the greatest cymbals ive ever hit...the 18" has already survived a year and a half of pounding with abolutely no flaws to date...just a little dirty...and the 14" and 10" have been put through a very rigorous 8 months of testing with the same results. if you break cymbals every few months these may not be for you but if you keep them around at least a couple years i would definately buy a set of aaxs.


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I liked the AAX series. Like someone said before, they're a bit trashy, and probably better suited toward harder/louder music but not necessarily metal.


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i love aax cymbals. theyre durable as hell too. had mine for almost a year now and no problems what soever and im a heavy hitter.


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i have used 16", 18" AAXplosion crashes. 10", 8" splashes. 14" Fast hats. 22" Metal Ride. 16" china.

the only thing that hasnt broken are the ride and the hats. the splashes are the best if they are traditional finish, same with the china and ride. the crashes are kinda flimsy and might break easy. i had they 18" for one and a half years, and it broke three times, the 16" i had for one year and it broke twice. the splashes i had for three years and they only broke once. the china i had for two years and it broke once.

sabian has a one year replacement on all AAX cymbals. you might also want to try the AA series. and if you are in to metal, the AA Metal-X.

they are good cymbals with great sound for heavy music. the medium-thin crashes are the best though. but you said you have meinl right now. i would stick with those. i looking to get a whole new thing of cymbals and they are going to be all meinl.

hope that helps.


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I would definately recommend the AAX line. I just bought an 18" Xplosion crash. By far one of the best crashes I have ever played on, it cuts through pretty much anything. If you are looking into gettingsome new cymbals, in my opinion, Sabian is the way to go.


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I had a 20" Metal AAX ride and 13" AAX fast-hats hi-hats. The metal ride had absolutely no wash, no sustain, and was just "ping, ping, ping". The bell was the best part. I got tired of that cymbal quick. The AAX fast-hats on the other hand are one of the best pairs of hats I own. When played open they have a nice wash and can cut through yet are super defined when played closed. The best thing about them is that in the really heavy bottom hat they have drilled three holes in it. Gives it a great sound.


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i think they for heavier music. i have an 18'' aax crash and it is great hasnt let me down yet. i play alot of thrash metal and it sounds great.


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I have 14" Studio Hats, 16" Studio Crash, 21" Stage Ride, 18" Dark Crash, and 17" stage crash and i love them all. The 16 crash is a little over 2 years old and still looks like new. I play the hell out of them too and they put up really well. sound amazing too. I do play metal music but fit other styles. there not to expensive either


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best thing about Sabians, AA, AAX & HHX can all take one hell of a beating without compromising the sound quality,
ive just updated my kit with a mixture of AA's and AAX's and i wouldnt swap them for any other cymbal
yeah, i play aax's... i went to my local music store and out of every cymbal there, i found their crashes to sound best. my favorite is the 16 inch crash with the raw bell. it sounds amazing. and for 170, a bargain. if you want an amazing sounding cymbal at a great price, the aax's are pretty much perfect. i've had mine for a while now and no cracks. the finish does dull after a while if you mute your cymbals with your hands like i do. keep on top of them and their beautiful shine will last a long time. they look glassy when clean. if you're playing something with distortion in a band, they're great, slightly trashy, but have superb tone. they aren't the loudest cymbals i own though, but if you're miking your set like i do, not a problem. they're a great choice, i'll leave it at that. best bet is to try them out yourself.


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Thanks for all th great info guys. I still wish I could be endorsed by meinl though... but sabians seem more in my budget right now.


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I've been using the AAX series exclusively for the past 15 years. Like most Sabian lines, they come in different weights so they are more versatile than most people think. They range from Studio (light), Stage (medium) to Metal (heavy). I have:
18" AAX Stage
18" AAX Metal
17" AAX Stage
14" AAX Dark
12" AA Metal
14" AAX Stage Hats
14" AAX Metal Hats on a Pearl remote pedal
20" AAX Metal Ride
18" AAX China
10" AAX Splash
8" AAX Splash

They have all lasted atleast 10 years each (the hi-hat, ride and 12" splash are still goin strong). I play just about anything resembling rock (light to heavy), blues and even a pseudo-country band and I move I gotta give the AAX series two HUGE thumbs up.


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Dude, the axx are awesome, the stage hi-hat sounds perfect, but thats just my opinion, they do crack easily in the middle if your cymbal sleeve moves around so make sure their is no metal on metal contact


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AAX series are very good,bright,projection.I use the AAXplosion series crashes(18",19",20"),AAXtreme chinese(17",19").

they will last only as good as your technique. :idea:


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I played Sabians for 15 years. AA, AAX and HH. I only ever cracked two crashes... well and a set of HH EQ hats but they're really soft and I was playing way too hard on them... anyhow. I play in a Christian Death Metal band and currently have an endorsement with Saluda Cymbals in North Carolina.

I've been with Saluda for over 2 years now and I PROMISE you, these cybmals are AWESOME!! It is VERY difficult for me to leave Sabian, but I've been so impressed with Saluda that I am certain I will never go back... These guys have been great to me. Thier cybmals are 100% hand hammered and hand crafted. They are very similar to Sabian AAX and HH and are a fraction of the cost...

Economic theory suggests that at some point if a product is priced too low the consumer percieves it to be "cheap" or "budget". This is absolutely not the case. Just like the big three, Saluda has many series, some geared towards beginners and other's for the pro's. I recommend thier MIST line for Heavy play... and honestly you can get whatever you want. Just tell them what you're looking for and they'll make it for you. All custom and made to order.

You will NOT find a better cymbal for the money. Give it a shot you will not be disapointed... you can order direct from ebay and if you like can check out my bio at

Now if I can only find a way to get that killer kick drum sound in my home studio mix

happy drumming


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Bigd11":ospyzly2 said:
best thing about Sabians, AA, AAX & HHX can all take one hell of a beating without compromising the sound quality,
ive just updated my kit with a mixture of AA's and AAX's and i wouldnt swap them for any other cymbal
Throw Vaults in there. :p