Rush has the best drummer???

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You're friend isnt very knowledgable on the subject.

Neil Peart has been a great influence to many drummers who's sticks he could not hold up.

Neil was great for what he did at the time that he did it. He's extremely important to the history of drumming... but to proclaim that he's the best drummer of all time is just uneducated.


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hes not the greatest ever but he is probably the best at what he did at the time.

the thing with neil peart is his technicality and precision in the music that he made. ever time i listen to rush i think that im a little closer to being able to play it well but peart has some of the most crisp, precise drumming ive ever heard and thats what i really admire about him.


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drumfree":glqwdr6t said:
My friend is avis over Neil Peart being the best drummer of all time- I just don't see it- what am I missing?

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Your friend is entitled to his opinion. Perhaps you could help him learn something about the wider world of drumming and let him know about people such as Buddy Rich, Tony Williams, Steve Gadd, Hal Blaine, Harvey Mason, Earl Palmer, Jack DeJohnette, Billy Cobham, Elvin Jones and so many others.


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neil is awsome! just read an article in a drum mag he actually practices the rehersal the 2 weeks before rehersal! i think thats funny. practicing to go practice. lol.


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Neil was a very influental drummer , he opened new doors as far as drumming goes, but he was good at the kind of music played, not at everything. Thats just like saying Buddy Rich is the best drummer in the world, but hes only good at what he played.

So basically to be the best drummer in the world you'd have to be a God at every style of music there is. :shock:


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poor Neil.. hes not a bad drummer at all... like it says.. he did his stuff in the past.. and was great for it, but he is incapable of what people infuenced by him can do... but he is still a great drummer and composer...


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let's see what he has in store on the upcoming album. Rumors say he's been encouraged to go nuts-

One of his strengths is his ability to craft a drumpart that is a mini-song in itself; he's really good at building a percussion part that builds and progresses. They're very well-thought-out and composed, as the last poster mentioned.
And he's still playing 3hr+ shows at a respectable age.

Sure, other people can do other things faster/louder/longer.
Name any drummer.
You could say the same about them.
There's always a faster gun out there somewhere. That's not what really matters in music/art/percussion.


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I'd consider him the best drummer ever. Without him all the drummers who can play better stuff than he can now would not exist. Without Neil Peart all drummers would suck today.


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once again...there is no such thing/person as "the best drummer of all time"

1. Time continues, so who knows what is coming?

2. Neil was the best drummer...For Rush. As musicians, all we can do is strive to have the most fun, doing what we do. Be the best at being you.

3. Music is not a competition. Music is to be shared. As my old section leader used to say, "max your own gig." In otherword, "you" are your own competition...although there is no competition at all.

I used to think NP was the best. Even back in college, I argued with a friend that Rush was the best band of that year (cuz NP was Modern Drummers "best" of the year, as voted by the readership, Geddy was the "best Bass" in Bassplayer, ans Alex came in 2nd in Guitar Player's poll. Therfore they had to be the best band, Right?

Naaaah, complete and utter Bullcrap. It's all lame. You'll find that the best band ever can be found almost any night of the week, in almost any town on the face of the planet.

I was so wrong...and happily so!


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Wow, lol.

There is no drummer that just is 'the shit' you know. I mean every single person who plays the drums or any style of music has their own preferance as to who is the best supposedly. You can't say Neil is better then Steve Gadd or Gadd better then Neil, it's all on opinion. I mean in some cases drummers are better but it's only because on the difference in level of experience.


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well i think neil is an incredible drummer. but to say if it wasn't for him all of us drummers would suck is a pretty ridiculous statement. there are many great drummers out there who are not in big time bands or they are local players who love drums like myself. but they are many many great drummers of the past. so neil is 1 of the greatest drummers of all time he opened alot of doors for drummers. but they are also several other drummers who opened doors as well.


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I agree with the people who say, there is no such this as the "best drummer of all time." Neil is my favorite drummer of all time, but too many people would disagree that he is the best of all time. There's just so many fantastic drummers out there, it's very closed-minded to say that just one is the best. There are so many different styles, you can learn something from any good drummer, and isn't that what it's really all about?


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when it comes to music, I get annoyed at the "who's the best" arguements. No one is 100% original, or 100% more talented than another. Every artist takes influence from other artists. Many great drummers have been influenced by Peart, but there are just as many that have not. I don't think there is a "best", and no doubt Neil Peart has been influened by other's as well. He's not the god that some make him out to be. I could be totally off-base here, but i try to keep the "who's best" question from inhibiting my opinions of other drummers.


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It's absolutely a matter of opinion. Neil is one of the greatest out there, no doubt. There is no "best" drummer. In the arts, there is no concrete or absolute best. Artistic superiority is judged from a personal standpoint.


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While neil peart is a very good drummer, it should be noted that in a recent interview, he said that Jimmy Sullivan "The Rev" is one of the best drummers alive. I agree. I would even god as far to say that The Rev is a lot better than Neil. So is Thomas Lang, Carter Beauford, Mike Portnoy, Jojo Mayer, Marco Minnemann, Travis Barker and so many more. Also it is very vague of ur friend to say that anyone is the best drummer in the world cuz the world is a damn big place


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He's pretty damn good.... but I would still go for Nicko McBrain, the stuff Nicko does get's me going more and wows me quicker!!!