Rubber cymbals?


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I have a Yamaha electric set, and I am thinking of buying the "realistic" rubber cymbols. I know they are a bit on the expensive side but I think that could help my feel of an actual set.

For those who have/ or had them, good/bad/ugly?



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I tried every rubber cymbal I could get my hands on, but none did it for me. Ended up going with Smartriggers- they feel like a real cymbal because they ARE a real cymbal.

The plastic (hart) or rubber (Roland, Yammy, Pintech, etc) models just don't feel like the real deal to me. If feel is more important than noise reduction, I'd recommend the Smartriggers.


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the only way to get the real feel is use the real cymbals, the plastic ones are loud n im a little bit of a harder hitter, i felt like i was going to crack them. i have a set of rubber cymbals on my electric drum sets. got a roland and another one ... cnt remember the brand lol :) but its nice.. idk if its just for practice in your room or somthin i wouldnt worry about it as long as its somthing to hit!

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Yea, the only thing that annoys me on my Roland is the cymbals I got stuck with on the deal [all the other heads are mesh which is basically the best response I have besides my snare on my acoustic] but I really just hate the cymbals. They are loud and obnoxious sounding even through headphones or over an amp. I'm still stuck with them, but it works so I'm not complaining.


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I love my V-cymbals. To each their own.

If your going on stage you may be uptight about the look but if your using it in a practice room fuck it!
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