Roy Mayorga


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He's the drummer for Stone Sour and ABLOOM.

I think he's a pretty good drummer, I really like the way he writes his drum parts.

What do you guys think of him?


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He did the drums for the very first SOULFLY CD and he rocked that mutha! IN my book he is awesome! I havent heard his drumming for Stone Sour but now I am gonna have to check it out, and yeah he really is an energetic drummer!


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Roy Mayorga in my opinion is a very underrated drummer. Everyone is caught up in the mainstream, and thats where you find alot of overrated drummers.

Just My opinion!


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nah Roy Mayorga is an awsome drummer,

he manages to fit every song ive heard him play,

just plays really well, nothing overly fancy but he matches the style

and in stone sour thats really important, they dont really have a set genre

they got heavy songs soft songs all sorts and roy goes really good

2 thumbs up