Roto Toms


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I have been very interested in getting a set of (Remo) Roto Toms for quite a while now. I would just like to know what your thoughts are on Roto toms. Personally I love them. 8)


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i like them 8) check out the roto tom/s Taylor Hawkins uses live, gr8 to add another bang to the set for minimul buck 8)


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check on musiciansfriend, their is a set of roto toms by pulse, i suggest you get that one because its a lot cheaper, and with roto toms, the head is really the only thing that effects the sound, so buy the pulse set, and even if you get 15 or 20 dollar heads, it'll still be cheaper.


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Roto toms are cool. I've always found them cumbersome to try and fit into my kit though. One day I will have the patience (and a bigger apartment).


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Rotos are great. Easy to tune, sound cool, place (as long as you have stands.) I have ten rotos. I can only fit 6 or seven, I think. I haven't set them up for a while. I'm short one or two stands.

I'd say get em. Of course, this post is a little late.