Ronnie Vannucci


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I have only recently been completely turned on to The Killers. I'd heard "Mr. Brightside" but little else. My band covered "When You Were Young" and I'v really started listening to them a lot since. I really dig Ronnie Vannuci's sound, especially his hat work. It doesn't seem to complicated or big, but it fits their music so well. I know there are a lot of metal drummers here, but anyone else a Vannucci fan?


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Yes, as I matter of fact, I have pretty close relation to him. He's my friend's uncle! So, yeah, rock on Killers! :D


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Ronnie is one of my favorite drummers. I think his playing is very tasteful.

He came to one of my shows once before they were big. I like to tell people that so they'll think I'm cool. It usually doesn't work. I noticed after they made it, everybody in Vegas started claiming that they know someone from the band (I guess myself included since I just tried to claim a connection).

But seriously, hype aside, Ronnie is a fantastic drummer. I dig his high hat work and phrasing. A good example of this is the intro to the song Sam's Town. It's so much better than that death metal blast beat crap. He has good taste in drums and cymbals too.