Roland SPD-S AS A Portable Drum Kit???


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Hey, Has anyone used their SPD-S as a kit bye itself? I'm thinking of buying one. I'm disabled, so I have a hard time hauling my acoustic kit back and forth to my friends houses to jam. I was thinking of buying one to possibly use with a kick trigger, to be played as a kit bye itself as a portable solution. The one that I tried to demo at the Guitar Center was broken. It had a good stick response, but I wasn't able to test the trigger response, or hear the onboard patches. I'm concerned about wear, and crosstalk between the pads if I use it this way. I figure that I could sample sounds from my TD-8 to give me several sets. I hope it will work for this purpose, to at least lay down some scratch tracks that I can replace later. Also, the sampler sounds like allot of fun!

Has anyone used the SPD-S this way.


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There are several videos on YouTube of guys playing the SPDS like a kit
You can take a 1/4 male stereo to 2 mono felmale splitter/adapter and have 2 extension triggers
So, a hi hat trigger / bass drum pedal is very easy to pull off
There's even a port for a Hi Hat pedal to open and close the hat

The only thing I wanna warn you about is that I have had lots of problems with mis-triggering
It could be that I play an acoustic kit as well and I hit extremely hard
However, i just wanted you to know that

I have learned a lot of the inner workings of the SPDS so you are welcome to ask me here or at my e-mail


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Great, Thanks allot for the advice. I checked out those videos on YouTube. That is what I want to do. I play hard on the acoustics too. I use large sticks on them so I'll try to use smaller sticks, and try to play lightly. I still havent gotten to check out one that isn't broken yet. Those video's were really cool. I'm really looking forward to weirding out on the SPD-S, if all works out. I looks like the thing will add a new demention to my playing and my amature hobby band. :D


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Rockula!":1d3kb1rt said:
I could not do what I do without it
How many trigger outputs total on the unit? If you use an external trigger, does it disable one of the sections of the SPD itself?

Always wanted one of these....or the HPD with the photo-theremin.


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There is one 1/4" jack that says TRIGGER (1/2)
And another jack that is for a hi hat pedal or a footswitch
The trigger jack is stereo and can accomodate 2 external triggers if you use a stereo 1/4 to 2 mono 1/4 splitter
I am not sure of the capacity of the pedal port
That is as far as I have gone with the pedal port
I have been able to use it as a hi hat clutch or to turn off the effects loop
I believe you can use it to scroll but I never used it for that

My next attempt will be to link my Alesis D4 to it so that I can use the pads on the D4 to trigger the sounds in the SPDS
I have learned my lesson in using the SPDS as a main controller
Too much mis-triggering


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I'm curious about adding one of these units to my hybrid kit for playing keys or bass-

concerned about the mis-triggering factor; wondering what you're experiencing, exactly? No trigger when hit, or cross-talk of other zones firing from strikes on another padzone?

How's the sensitivity?
Durability? I've heard reports of pad-wear, sensor malfunction, and display LED cracking from hits.

I guess I'm wondering if this thing is a glorified toy, or can actually hold up for touring in the real world.
I've got a KAT multipad, several Roland modules, and an EMU hardware sampler, but would be really happy if all that could be replaced in the gigging arsenal by one little unit. Kinda sounds too good to be true though.
Unfortunately, rumors of the upgrade/expansion card (that might feature sampling capabilities) for the TD20 haven't not been substantiated ~

any input is appreciated


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The most problems I have experiences have been on surfaces that vibrate a lot
I hit very hard and it tends to travel up the stand the holds the SPDS
My mis-triggering is more double triggering than not triggering at all
Maybe wrapping the stand's feet in foam will help

I have not had any problems so far but I try to use it simply as a loop triggering device so I keep my strikes to light and quick
I never "play" it like a drumkit


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that's pretty much exactly what I want to do with it, just turn loops or phrases on and off. Hope to be able to layer them, if the crosstalk is workable- I don't hit too hard, so maybe it'll be OK.

thanks for the input!


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There is a lot of info on this on Some of the stock sounds are not impressive but Mrstixx (you may have seen him on youtube) on the vdrums site has tweaked sounds on his TD-20 module for use on his SPD-S and they sound great. He has them as a free zip file and you can load them with MIDI or a memory card.