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Rob the Drummer

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Here's my baby...



Purple DW maple drums
8, 10, 13, 16 toms
13x4 snare (not shown)
20x18 kick

Pork Pie Pig Lite Amber Acrylic snare 13x7 (shown)

Tama mini timp toms 6, 8

Zildjian A New Beat Hats and A Ping Ride
Ziljian ZXT 10" splash
Sabian Paragon 16" Crash and 19" Donait Sig. Saturation Crash
Sabian AA 10" splash
Sabian Carmine Appice Sig China (wanna get the paragon china)

Pearl Eliminator Double Kick
Pearl Hi Hat Stand
Pearl Roadster Throne
Various other cymbal stands and stuff

Vater Xtreme 5B with Pro-mark stick rapp. One pair of zildjian dips that have been in the bag for a long time.

Audix i5 mics for snare and toms.
Shure Beta 52a for Kick,
Shure SM 58 for Vocals.

Toms-Evans G2 Coated on tops, DW resonants on bottoms.
Snares-Evans G1 Snare on the DW, Remo Ambassador on Pork.
Kick-Aquarian Superkick II with beater patch, Original DW front.
Mini Timps- Original heads on there, probably 1 ply clear.

Band-Aid brand fabric band-aids, Aussie hairspray, Axe body wash, Shure E5c in ears, Top Ramen noodles, and most importantly, bottled water!


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WOW :) I don't have questions :) It's amazing :) Beautiful colour, soon I'll paint my kit ,exactly like your kit :)

Rob the Drummer

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I've played country to funk to metal to hip hop on this kit. The tom sizes are awesome because I can get a great range out of them and they all sound great.


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prl_drmer_08":2hgfd41j said:
that is perhaps the sexiest looking snare drum my eyes have ever seen. How does it sound?

Sexy and HUGE!!!

Thats gotta be one of the biggest snares Ive ever seen. Its gotta be up there with Vinne Pauls sig snare 8)


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i love that set, amazing finish, the only beef i have with it is the snare. a little deep for my tastes, (well the one in the picture not in ur specs)
but amazing set, perfect amount of drums and cymbals, 2 thumbs up.