RIP Belson


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I hope I spelled his name right. Louie belson. can you say Double kick. One of the great big band era drummers and more.


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nobody could say double bass before bellson. one of the top technicians ever. one of only a few players who could step up to buddy rich in his idiom. great composer for big band as well.

I was sad when I first heard, but 84 years is a great run for anybody. He definitely made the most of his time here, to boot. RIP.

check out how freaking clean his hands are! it's a thing of beauty.




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One of my favorite drummers of all time, without him, the style I, and many others today, play would be entirely different.

Truly a legendary and iconic man that pushed drumming to its limits, rest in peace.


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Wow this is a shame. I'm doing a report on the history of the modern drumset next week, I'll be sure to give him special mention