Ride Cymbal postions


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i admitt it,
im a crasher :oops:
im a hardcore/punk drummer so i crash everything so i have my ride over my bass drum slightly high but low enough to still ride the bell too
but high enough to crash it :lol:

Brian L

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When i had a four piece my favorite place was alittle over the kick drum right next the the tom. but now that I added another tom, I have to have way off over to the right next the the 13 tom. I rather have it over the kick but its alright there. just depends on the set up I suppose.


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over the kick where the second tom goes. i'm using a four piece now, thought i'd change my config. up alittle.


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I switched my second rack tom and ride positions. I use a one up and two down config on the toms and my ride is where the second rack tom would be. I like to have things fairly close so I have less movement.

break the prism

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i have my ride mounted directly over my second tom (which is mounted off of the bass drum but still slightly over it). so i can have my ride where i want it while not really haveing two floor toms.


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hovering less than an inch over my floor tom, if it tilts to the side it'll hit the rim, i like to have it covering half of my floor tom. but i like to be able to hit the middle of my floor tom as well


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i have mine over my second tom. i use a 2 up/1 down config but i like my ride in the position it would be if i used a 4pc, so i found the best of both worlds in this positioning. it covers about half my tom but ive learned to hit the tom and not the cymbal.


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i like how dave weckl positions his. as for mine. i have a double bass. 2 rack toms in the middle, so its next to my 2nd rack tom. i love that position.


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i use the same set up as many metal drummers, like dave mclains old set up and the shadows fall drummer
i have 2 bass drums with 2 mounted toms in the middle, i have my ride hovering over my right bass drum and a little over my first floor tom.
i like it there as i used to play a 5 piece and i used it where the second tom goes, so i decided to move the toms over to the left.
it works for me


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I have 2 rides one of which i use more as a crash...so the ACTUAL RIDE cymbal is between my second and third toms, hovering right above the third with just enough room to sweep across all the toms in the center of the heads


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i have it right above my floor tom about 3 inches above the rim.
so its in line like
snare -- floor tom -- ride


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ive got a 1 up 2 down and my rack tom is on a snare stand so my ride is virtually bang in the middle of my kick


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since im left handed, play open handed, my ride is above the snare and hi hat, at an angle i can play over the edge and bell with ease. I do have another ride, which is over the bass drum since i have a 4 piece set up


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I have a 2 up, 1 down config, I keep my ride right next to my floor tom, about two inches above it, and covering half of the top of the drum it self.


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my 10" and 12" tom are on a stand just left of the bass drum and my ride comes from the hole where the toms owuld go on the bass. So like on a standard set-up it would be where the mid tom is. very convinient for my playing.