reworked kit for the last time in a while...


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okay, since I posted here last I got new pedals, a couple new cymbals, and I completely reworked my cymbal setup since the last one just wasn't working for me. here we go...

yamaha birch custom absolute nouveau, sea blue fade
18x22, 8x10, 9x12, 14x14, 16x16
6x14 spaun vented 8 ply maple snare

sabian - 9" radia cup chime, 10" aax splash, 14" aaxplosion crash, 18" aaxplosion crash, 21" hh raw bell dry ride (my baby)
paiste - 14" 2002 sound edge hihats, 18" signature full crash
saluda - 6" pre aged v bell, 16" mist x thin dark crash
istanbul - 9" pre-split traditional splash, 9" agop sultan splash
zildjian - 18" zbt china
wuhan - 12" china

tama roadpro boom stands and snare stand
tama iron cobra hihat stand
roc-n-soc nitro throne with backrest
pdp b.o.a. pedals
gibraltar grabber arms (a lot of them)

this is a new one for me, but I've found my new favorite sticks - silverfox 5a's. feel of hickory with the durability of oak...exactly what I wanted

heads (all evans):
coated g2s over clear g1s on toms
emad bass
st dry over hazy 300 snare

one of the istanbul splashes isn't mounted for 2 reasons. 1 - I'm out of hardware and 2 - the hole is too small to fit anything besides the hihat clutch that the v-bell is on (consequently, the v-bell was mounted there for the same reason but I actually like it there). both are going to be sent out to saluda to have the holes redrilled if jamie will do it.


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I did in fact use my second hihat clutch for the v-bell.

the pedals are working out great for me. when I got back from drt I played on my cobras for a little while then put the b.o.a.'s on my set. they haven't come off since, and for good reason. these pedals give me a similar action to the cobras but they're faster and lighter, which overall is a great combination for me. most direct drive pedals are all speed but not these...powerhouses plus speed if you need it.


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I always wanted to get a BOA!! They look awesome and I bet you they are very smooth!! BTW, nice kit bro!! Really like your cymbal setup and the color of your drum... You might want to clean your cymbals from those dusts though :wink: ...
how's the double pedal feel compared to the other doubles you've played?

i'm loving my single and thinking about going for the double as soon as they make a lefty version.


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I know its just personal preference, and youre not the first one ive seen do it. but whats with setting up the toms 12,10,14,16 (diam) instead of the 10 first? do you just not use the 10 as much and want it as an accent type tom?


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do you like virgil hum! ;)

Great kit man ,looks very good, by the way i used that configuration for a while 12 10 but i changed it quickly, I think you'll probably change it very soon's looks different but I don't know why, after one or two months you'll feel like its better to make a 4 stroke roll (for example) from a 10 to a 12 and so foward than from a 12 to a 10 and then 14 or 16...

how about the boa pedals?



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eliminator - thanks for the comment. I've always liked a compact cymbal setup. and try out the b.o.a.'s if you can, they are great pedals.

asdex - yes, the b.o.a.'s are very smooth. the only problem I've found with them is that, adjusted wrongly, the rebound literally sends the beaters springing back into your foot. I'm not dusting my cymbals though...I like them like they are. plus, I'm lazy....

sarcasm - the double basically feels like 2 singles. In fact, I bought the double without ever having played on one but I loved the single so much I took the risk and haven't had a problem with them. as for how they feel compared to other pedals, the only ones I would even consider other than these are the tricks, if that's an indication. if you're looking for the double version, get it when it comes out because nothing else will make you as happy since you like the single so much.

mastershake - I use the 10" tom a lot. personally, I just like the toms set up like this because I have a 4 pc configuration if I need it but I also have the voices of 2 other toms. I like having a 12" tom as my main and I needed the 16" in closer than where it was with the 14" next to it. idk, it's just fun like this. I can play whatever I need to with my toms set up like this and I don't at all intend to change it.

dani - I don't plan on changing from this setup for a while. I'm not a fan of long tom rolls from high to's done and overused. about the b.o.a.'s....well, I think I have it covered.

duba - hell yeah those are my drt sticks. been using them since I got em and they're holding up better than just about anything I've used. when I need new sticks I'll be ordering some more silverfox 5a's.

rob - thanks mate!

drumfiend - thanks man. I have always played compact setups because they're more comfortable for me.

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sarcasmsetyourhouseonfire":2ljn7k23 said:
how's the double pedal feel compared to the other doubles you've played?

i'm loving my single and thinking about going for the double as soon as they make a lefty version.

yeeah, that's the only downfall (as i'm lefty too)
we have to wait :roll:


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Looks good bro! Love the brass collection!
I too am LOVING my Silverfox sticks. I'm even practicing with the 7a's I got. Really nice sticks, thanks Andy, and Silverfox.