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Hello, I am currently gathering information about death metal drumming and this incredible art form. I am looking for experienced death metal drummers only to pass there knowlegde on. I already have many, many thoeries and ideas about it. I have been playing extreme metal for over 2 years now with alot of success.

If anyone on drums my life has any knowlegde behind this please take part in this topic.

Experienced as in = NO all fundamentals of blast beats, bomb blasts, the 1 handed snare roll or gravity blast, over 240 bpm kick drumming solidly without any sort of problem. Detailed knowlegde of equipment/hardware. The use of triggers in death metal and why they are used on the kick drums only. Double kick drum setups.

I have my own answer for all of these but I want to compile an accurate conclusion from as many people as possible.

If you have any negativity about this topic or againast death metal drumming because you think it's noise or whatever please don't even leave any childish remarks about it.


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im not a huge fan of death metal but its been growing on me....

that being said, i cant play dm for crap but i respect the hell out of the guys that do because its incredible the speeds they can reach and maintain for hours, i really wish i could do it.