Representation of the Drum


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6 times as much to carry into the club than the rest of the band......

but seriously, when i write my drum parts to a song, i dont care what will make me sound like a good drummer or what will make people notice me. i leave the melodies to the guitar and vocals, and although the bass does have a melody in a sense, i play apart that flows around the bass. im not a big fan of playing "target practice" where every little thing matches the bass guitar 100%. i find it gives the song a deeper pocket sometimes and then once the pocket is down its time to give the songs the feels it needs. and thats mostly drums in that area. a song can completely change and almost not be recognized by simply changing the drums.


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How abstract do you want to get with the question?

I think the drum represents the circle of life. It starts in the same place that it ends. There's many layers/plies to life/drums. Everyone's looks different. Some people's are longer than others. Many things are different, but we all come together to beat in unison with each other within the fabric of the universe.

Wow, I made that all up as I went... and I don't necessarily believe that either, I'm just saying it could represent that.

I'll shut up now.


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The drum represents that part of you that just wants to say" I can't hear yo u! I'm inmy own world now. leave me alone!"


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I really enjoyed all the answers to this question and above all felt that all were had a connection; Thanks ! As for my answer: Well it all seems the drum represents Presence,Power and Strength; The craftmanship put into the instrument ; The elements used to create it ; The skills and knowledge attained to play it ; The dedication,respect and honor it takes to master it ! The only instrument of its kind that just wants to be played at first sight and the only instrument that looks like it is moving and living even without it's player..............