Repetitive Strain Injury.


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Hello everyone,

I did a search and couldn't find a thread relating to this. I regularly get repetitive strain when I'm playing or doing anything that puts excess strain on my wrist e.g. carrying heavy shopping. It's only in my right hand. It started about 6 years into playing - when I was practising at home I used to get so into the music I was playing along to that I would really stretch myself and without realising holding myself tense. I would suddenly get a jolt it my right arm when I would reach for a crash. I also think my years on the computer haven't helped.

I spoke to my drum tutor at the time about it and he said that unfortunately a lot of drummers get it, a bit like tennis players who get tennis elbow, it won't go away but you can do things to lessen the 'electric shock' sensation.

I recently purchased some New Grip wristbands and they work wonders. Also keeping my posture more upright has helped too. I did used to find myself crouching over a lot. I don't play as hard either. I can last between 4 to 6 hours of continuous drumming before it kicks in these days.

At the moment the rsi is very present when I'm cooking or baking. It's doesn't like me stirring things vigorously or anything!

Does anyone else get repetitive strain and what do you do, if anything, to combat it?