Remo Powersonic Clear Bass Drum Head


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Hello I have a delema.

At a guitar center a while ago i sat down at a set that had a remo powersonic bass head on the bass. (maybe you've seen them i think they're kinda new) i liked the punch it had, and it sounded really good, i think the drum it was on was like 20 or 22 in i cant remember. Anyways, later I bought one for my 22' bass drum, got home put it on and it sounded really bad. I think the main problem might have been my beater, its pretty hard and staccato. I was wondering if anyone had this head and if they had tips on tuning or muffling, and what kind beater to use. As for now I have the old head on and it sounds fine so its not like i have a bass head emergency but im hoping that i can use this head and get the best sound out of it and get my $45 bucks worth.
I never owned a Remo Powersonic, I stopped playing Remo about 5 years ago, I fell in love with Aquarians.
But a couple tips that might solve your problem.

Perhaps it's your bass drum in general. Maybe the one at Guitar Center was a different wood.
Tuning- The one at Guitar Center could have been tuned different.
I dont think the beater would make much of a difference. You got plastic for more attack, and felt for a more boomy warm sound.
Muffling-Dont overmuffle the kick. I just use a towel in mine, right up against the head, so I still get punch and resonance. But that's all preference on what kind of sound you're lookin for.
Or it could be the environment. I've had my drums in one room, put heads on them and played and they didnt sound that great, but when I moved them to a different environment, they sounded great.
Try a Remo falam slam pad or the similar Aquarian one. Or a Danmar Click plate, if you're into that kind of sound.

Experiment with the head, its a Remo, so it's gotta sound good one way or another. If you absolutley cant get it to sound right, take it back and invest in something else. I reccomend an Aquarian Super Kick II. It's the god of all bass drum heads, in my opinion. There is so much punch in those heads, it's my favorite bass drum head.


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throw a blanket or pillow in the kick but have it agaist the reso (front) head. you might be getting good punch from the batter but the front head is what is making it sound bad. i have 2 6 inch holez in my head to and usually when you see demo kick heads at music stores they have atleast one hole in the front. so if you dont have your reso ported that will make a huge differance too.