Remo Pinstripe


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I am not sure what type of drum skins I should get.

I want a dampened sound and my fellow drummer recommened Remo Pinstripe skins...

Any opinion on these skins or if better skins are known of for the sound I am looking for.



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Here's a topic on Evans EC2 heads- people say it's Evans equivalent for Remo Pinstripes. Also there are Attacks 2 ply medium heads. I personally wouldn't go for pinstripes etc. I guess the best choice is regular Evans G2 or Remo Emperors. They are dampening the sound enough. I think Pinstripes is too much.


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well currently usin G2s and G1s. they alright. used pin stripe for years very good drum heads very popular and for good reason they class drum heads. but never mind other ppls opinions what ya wana do is test drive them all. after a couple more months ill prob change my heads to something else.

Johnny Cat

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I used to really like them and wouldn't use anything else. But my taste has changed, and I have to agree that they dampen the sound too much, and cannot be un-dampened if so desired. I now use Remo Emperors for my batter heads, and I love them.