Remo Fiberskin 3 and Renaissance Heads...


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I was looking around at heads today and I started to wonder how would the Remo Fiberskin 3 and the Remo Renaissance heads sound. I was considering buying the Ambassador weight Renassiance heads for batters and Diplomat weight Renassiance heads as Resonants. If any of you have tried either of these and know how they sound or anything please let me know so I don't go spending a s*** load on heads I don't like. Thanks.


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i usually use one of two different kinds of heads (for the toms at least) either coated emperors or smooth whites. those are pretty amazing. for the bass drum, i got with a different brand, aquarian, all the remo's i tried for the bass didnt really do it for me. but that aquarian sounds amazing! and if you wanna talk about longevity, ive had the same head on my bass for years!! and it still sounds great


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I like to use Fiberskyn's on a couple of my snares. I have used them once on a set of toms and they sounded nice (I believe there were Ambassadors on the bottoms of the toms). Unless you are looking for a more of a vintage tone/vibe with a lot of overtones, I would be cautious about using these heads. If you want, just by one batter for a tom and tune it up and see what you think. If you don't like it, you're only out the money for one head and not a whole set.

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Out of those two I think you should go with the Remo Renaissance heads. I have tried a full set of Fiberskins and I didn't really care for them. They're ok for smaller drums to add warmth but sound muddy to me on larger drums. They do have a much different sound and feel than normal coated/clear heads. Jeff Hamilton uses Fiberskins exclusively on his set and he makes them sound great and they are great for brush work. I just prefer the sound of the Renaissance heads more. They have more clarity and more the sound I'm looking for. I'm in the minority here but I love Ludwig Weathermaster heads as well, so that's another option for you.