remo bass muffler


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Has anyone used those mufflers by remo that go under the head and muffle the sound with black foam, ive heard they work good on bass drums wich would be good for me because my bass needs alot of muffleing, any thaughts?


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They work pretty good and were popular about 10 years ago. Now, BD heads have evolved and you pretty much don't need to add additional muffling like these Remo Muffles.

The Evans EMAD head has it built in and so does the Remo Powersonic heads.


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I used to use a Remo Muff'l on my kics, until I switched over to Evans heads. Wonderful product, and still a viable option if you don't use the EMad head. If you're using Attack or Remo Abassador or Emporer heads, it's something to check out.