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It's long overdue for my snare to be cleaned up and reheaded. I took it apart today and cleaned it real well (Kolstein's Instrument cleaner) and man was it dirty. There were also two "open seams" where it looks like the drum took a hit (very possible in my earlier years) or was tuned too tight for too long.
I put a new strainer on but now I have to deal with the cracks before I put on the new heads and snares. My tech will probably use a dab of super glue and a clamp. I was wondering if anyone else had this "delamination" problem and if so, what did you do to fix it?

*I got an EC2 reverse dot batter and Hazy 300 with some Puresound snares. Gotta see what all the buzz is about, pun intended. Then its a black hydraulic (batter) and J1 etched (reso) for my 10" tom.


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Nevermind, all fixed up with glue.
Drum sounds awesome with no muffling. Snares are cool too.
It's the first time I actually chose heads for a certain sound and got it.

and yes I did just reply to my own post.....what a loser I am.


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they try to make me go to rehab......

I clean my drums and redo the heads before every gig.
When I was younger, and crazier.. I used to run into the same problem.