Refinishing a kit.


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So i have a PDP FS series set and its a red satin finish. ... leset1.jpg
So i want to sand it down and stain it with a walnut stain in this design. ... ms-2-1.jpg
The white part would be the non stained areas. I would then cover the whole thing in a few coats of non glossy polyurathane.

So my question-
How do i satin the rings without its spreading? And if its not possible, then i would end up just staining the whole kit and then painting the white strips.


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Yeah there will be some bleeding into the natural areas. clean lines cannot be stained, you'd have to fade or burst them in using a sprayer or airbrusher. Painting stripes is another option. Paint after staining.

Regardless of what finish you do, the hardest thing you'll be dealing with is sanding down that red stain and the clear coat above it. You may even have to sand through the first ply in doing so. If you're that adamant about a stained set with effects such as stripes, fades or bursts then maybe you should think about investing in some keller shells and just swap out all the hardware from the PDP set. Keep the red shells just in case you want to go back to the red someday or just ebay them to recoup some of the money spent. It's pricier doing it this way but it's going to be horrible if you ruin a shell and decide to not do the project, and then recover it to match your PDP, because your red set is actually a very nice looking set.


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the amount you'd have to sand down to completely get rid of the red satin would probably ruin the drums. if you absolutely need a new finish, a wrap or paint are the ways to go.