recording songs with different speeds on a click track


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We have a number of songs that have sections with different tempos in them.

I'd prefer to record with a metronome in my ear, but wanted to ask, is it better to record the sections separately and then splice them together, or to program a special click track for it? Would the splicing be noticeable? I've never done any sort of splicing before so I'm unfamiliar with that technique and how well it sounds.


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if you're recording to computer, you should be able to set up the click to change tempo at the appropriate point within the software you're using. I've done both ways on this one, and like to record the sections separately if it's a song I'm not all that familiar with. If I've been playing the material for a while, I like to do it all in one pass.


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as long as you don't cut off your sustain and decay (cymbals are a big problem), you should be fine. It's hard tracking live and going right into another tempo because you don't know exactly what the new tempo is. Most stuff today has been comp'd and spliced.