Recording a drum kit


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In theory, replacing a kick or snare drum should be just that...only it's not. If you've ever listened to a soloed kick drum recording, you'll notice how different each individual hit is played. Obviously dynamics play a massive part in getting a "replaced" kick drum to sound "right".

Andy Jessop

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overspill dictates what you can replace dude. unless you can record each shell and drum independently only then can you isolate. Then your going into the realms of madness and burning studio time.You also have to put all the drums down with no music to a click track some musicians hate that because the drummer puts pressure on the other members to get there parts right without fault....and then they argue the feel goes and it sounds robotic. With analogue tape you have tape speed and drop out hiss with digital you can isolate wave sounds and forms and cut and paste job them...either way its expensive by my way of thinking is you put it down if its wrong and it stands out you do it all again till its right or you get someone in who can do it.job done. Messing around in studio time is one expensive and two ridiculous..