Record amout of sticks broken in one set?


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Well, we all have broken sticks in the past, so whats your record amount in one set? mine is 4 pairs in a hour and 30 mins!! whats yours?


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well i dunno if this really counts but im gonna tell the story and see what u think.

2 sticks in 2 hours :D they were brand new Vic Firths and one of them broke near the end of the show and at the end of the show i gave the 2 different parts to 2 different girls and one wasnt exactly happy coz she had a smaller part so i got my other stick which had survived and deliberatly broke it in 2 pieces to give to her, well she was good looking so i think that it was all in a good cause!! :D


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never broken a pair playing a gig yet, they always see too much wear and tear in practice to ever make it to the stage so far.


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i play 4 hour gigs and my record is 1 stick. it was a zildjizn travis barker stick and brand new so it must have beemn faulty or something. a little thing called technique will help you save your sticks. knowing how to hit your drums and cymbals will save you lots and lots on money on sticks, heads and cymbals.


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None!!! :) I'm proud to say I have never broken a stick during a show (knock on wood). Nor do I want to for that matter. I'm too poor to buy sticks all the time. I busted a bass head 2 nights ago and it will never happen again, I had to pay $53 to replace the batter head :(. I have a 5 year old hi-hat I need to replace too because it's cracking grrrrr. I only have like 30 bucks totall to my name. I need a job... hah but with doing school full time no one wants to hire me :(. It's a hard time for me to be a drummer right now lol.