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I am looking for a new snare drum, i play in a very loud rock band, i currently own a vintage ludwig 402 (which is amazing) however, i want to take this off the road to protect it.

I would like to try a new snare,
Its got to be deep (at least 6.5), its got to be LOUD & cutting but have nice tone and sound nice at lower volumes too..

any thoughts? i am also thinkin DW..


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if you can afford it, the ludwig black beauty. if youre looking for wood shells then tama has a whole range of maple, bubinga, and birch starclassics in numerous sizes and finishes that will work.


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I would recommend either:

-Black brass (there's a few company's that make them although Ludwig's Black Beauty is the most popular. I'd also check custom manufacturers )
-Ludwig acrolite
-My personal fav, a multi-ply maple. I would say between 20-30 ply's and a depth of 6.6" would sound perfect! I opted for vents in it as well, which does add articulation and projection! It's LOOOUD! Vents are a matter of choice! Although I was at a Lacuna Coil concert and talked to the drummer about his KILLER sounding snares. His main snare is a 13x6" 20-ply with a Kevlar batter head! This thing was tuned TIGHT and sounded god-like!!!

Check these out:

Good luck!



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If i were you i would go for quality for a nice price.The pearl snares (Ian Paice siganture,Sensitone steels and brass) are just awesome!