Real reviews/ suggestions


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Looking for some real user reviews on a new kit. I’ve officially killed my Tama/mut and looking to upgrade. Currently housing the drums on a Gibraltar rack that set me back about 2 grand…i.e.… with all the hardware to mount the drums cymbals etc… Just want to get some feedback on a quality kit that will mount well on the rack. Moving from
metal to jazz/funk… gonna need some small diameter toms and a clean staccato bass you can actually feel. Thoughts?



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I am a Tama guy and play rock/metal which Tama drums are well suited for. As far as a jazz kit that sounds great, look at Yamaha's oak custom fusion series and the Mapex M-birch series. They both have smaller toms available and sound fantsatic. You can also check out the Gretch catalina series which is not quite as pricey. Good luck on your search and hope I helped.