ray luzier

Brian L

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Im so surprised no one has posted a discussion on ray luzier!!! my friend introduced me to him through videos of him on youtube, and man...i gotta say, he is amazing. love his style and energy playing. i am surprised though because he has so much talent, and i kinda think its a waste that he plays with Korn. korn is a okay band, but i think he can be doing something better with this talent. i hate to disrespect korn especially cuz im from bakersfield but i dont care much for them. sorry...if u disagree!!! :shock:


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he was in Army of Anyone with the Dileo bros from STP and Richard Patrick from Filter. Only put out one album but it was good and he is amazing live! he studied at MI and taught for like 9 years there.. cant wait to hear the new korn album with him on the drums.


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Say Ray with Korn on that Crop Circle gig they did last month....man that guy is soooo fun to watch!!!