raf drums


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Has anybody ever heard of raf drums-been given a kit as a restoration project-sitting next to my slingerland they seem to have been made around the same time -late 50s early 60s,this one is in green champagne sparkle-any history or whatever on the make greatly appreciated.

Airborne Ranger

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It's hard to tell you any information without seeing a few pics. RAF drums could be a lot of things. I remember RAF drums being part of the Premier line for a short time, a very budget line. Also, it was common in the 50's for companies like Premier, Slingerland & Gretsch to make drums for their large dealers and tack on a dealer badge, so RAF could have actually been a store at one time. I'd need to see the hardware, the shell and snare strainer (if any) to give you more accurate information. Back in the 50's/60's Gretsch and Rogers used to sell shells alone to smaller companies like Kent and Kent would install their own hardware. Nothing like that would ever happen today.