RadioActive Neon Green Acrylic Kit


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very cool kit!
MM, yeah?

how's about telling us a little about your experiences w/ acrylic? I know a lot of folks are curious about how they sound and how durable they are.

great-looking kit!


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Damn, those do look really sick. And you have to tell us how they sound. I've been thinking about ordering some parts, and assembling my own acrylic kit, cause I LOVE the look of them. I know that they're louder than wood drums, but what other kinda sound do you get outta them?


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IMHO. They sound great. Like all drums it starts with tuning. I worked for a few years (4) with my builder (MM) to get the right bearing edge for acrylic. For me it was 30-35 degree, more of a rounded over Savannah sound. I am really happy with the sound. Not overall ringy like a double 45 edge. I plan to switch tom heads when I have the time to actually do it. These are some stock Attack that my builder prefers but I do not. The thing is that they still sound amazing. I did switch the batter BD to a SuperKick 2. Everyone who has played them asks the same Q, why switch heads. I think it is a testiment to our research on the bearing edge and acrylic shells. We went with a thicker shell (1/4), shallow sizes, 6x13 snare, 5x8, 6x10, 7x12, 8x14 and 17x20, offset lugs.

Acrylic set number 2 is under construction: modified Bonham, Optical Yellow Acrylic (Tennis Ball). 26"BD and shallow large toms, 14, 16, 18. maybe 9x14, 12x16, 14x18.


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I just grabbed the first few I saw and put them up for these pic's. I forgot that I had the Bell ride. What a great ride sound. I am very lucky to have collected them for a while now. I have found some great deals on eBay. My collection is ridiculous now.
Thanks again.


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Very nice!

Just to avoid any confusion and misdirected props, Dana Cheney built that kit. We're partners in Medicine Man Custom Dums.


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xdoseonex":q6lqz3ti said:
are thse neon green drumheads?
No, just clear heads, the shells provide all of the green. I have some special strobe lights to put into each drum for a cool lighting effect. I just have not had the time to load them up yet.

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man thats kit looks so good! how much did it end up costing you making it?
I don't remember the exact cost now. Probably a couple of grand per kit five years ago. I paid for both kits a the time. When I commission kit I always pay it all up front. That way the shop/builder will typically do a better/faster job. My guy has had some delays due to health issues, so this took a great deal longer to build. Plus we collaborated on all aspects of the design, so we had to send samples back and forth especially the bearing edges.


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great kit. you should put some black heads on it. would look sick. I'm more of an old skool girl and i like bich shells. but I think it looks wicked. and I want one.


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Frikin' gorgeous!!!

Is it louder than a wood kit? What's the sustain like?

I have one acrylic drum it's the Pork Pie 13 x 7 snare and it's a killer.