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I am 23 and have played since the 5th grade. Did 2 years of music study in college. I've played many styles in many different bands. Funk, rock, latin, raggae, surf, ect. I am currently playing some fussion, funk. experimental type stuff. Some of the funk stuff is very fast paced and very groove demanding. I feel my kick falling on the back end of the beat. I just recently tweaked out my eliminator with the red cams and made it very responsive to handle the task.. I need an excersize to really pound integration between my hands and the kick drum. I have the kick drum chops, i just feel as if my feet and hands are working seperatly as opposed to working as one. The metronome is a good freind of mine, i use it quite often, so it's more of a feel problem as opposed to tempo problem. IF anyone has any suggestions, feel free to share.

Thanks, Brett


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work on playing rudiments and patterns with your hands and feet at the same time matching them up to train your muscles to lock in with each other, and also practice lots of linear patterns to incorporate your bass drum into the groove as an extention of the beat rather than just "the feet part."


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Yea, I started pounding some paradiddles, switching up between single, double and triple paradiddles. I've always played fast paced stuff on the kick drum, but playing real fast, fussion style funk, you really noticed how dead on your kick has to be. Lots of off beat diddles, and the syncopation has to be dead on. Thanks for the help.


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There are two exercises I know of to help with coordination between hands and feet. One is as follows:

Play swing style with the 2 + 4 on the hi-hat. No snare yet or bass drum. That comes soon.

Play triplets between your hands and feet, in patters of (S=snare B=bass) Sbb bSb bbS Bss sBs ssB. The capital letters mean accents. PLay this WHILE keeping the swing style in tempo and crisp. No small achievent, to be attained through practice at slow tempos, then gradually sped up. this helps out a lot with coordination between hands and feet.

Next is to just play all of the rudiments ou can find and split them however many ways you want to. Paradiddles are fun played SBSSBSBB, but then try sBssBsBB, with the accents on the bass hits. Find differnt ways to play a particular pattern.






Oh, and BTW, always keep a groove going on with your RH on hats or ride. Try:

Straight 8'th notes

The and's of the beats on the bell of ride, creating a disco feel.

Straight 8's on ride, 1 2 3 4 on hi-hat foot.

Beat's on ride bell, and's of beats on hi-hat foot.

You can easily run through an hour and a half working on this stuff. I do. My problem is that my foot sucks compared to my hands. Not trying to brag, but my hands are probably some of the best out there. These rudimental monsters like Matt Savage and others are surprised at what my hands do sometimes. Make me smile. Good luck on the independence.


If you need a reference, I plan to post up a new vid on funk drumming in a few days. I'll talk about this.