questions about Electric drums

i'm thinking about getting electric drums what will i need

i mean like Cables, Amps, stuff like that im not new to drums. i just want to experement with electrics for a wile :wink:


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You definitely need some decent headphones. Makes a huge difference as to whether or not you hear all the great sounds provided by your module. Cables come with the pads/drums. An amp is needed if you don't want to use headphones or you want an alternative or you need amplification. It could also be used as a monitor if playing with a band and they have a PA. Buy an amp that's recommended for electronic drums or buy a keyboard amp. Guitar/bass amps or stereo speakers are not supposed to be good for E-drums (drums can blow out these systems).


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definately not trying to be contradictory (for once)
Bass amps are able to handle e-drums because the cones are more durable
You can use one in a pinch but they can't compare to a PA or a keyboard amp (which I tell customers is basically a PA in one box)


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right; it's not that you'll wreck a bass or guitar amp by plugging E's into them, they're just not designed to be 'full-range' amps so you're going to lose some very important frequencies when putting E-drums through them. Keyboard amps tend to be full-range, freq-wise, so they're your best bet if you need a small amp.

I've put my E's through a bass amp before- doesn't hurt the amp, but doesn't sound great either.


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I meant stereo systems could be blown by an E drum system. It's the sine wave produced by the module that overheats the coils in a speaker.
As the others said, the amp you want needs full spectrum range to do your module justice. I've used a guitar amp in a pinch but it doesn't sound as good as my headphones.