Questions about Alesis DM5 Pro


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Pretty soon I'll be heading off to college, so I'll be needing an electric kit to practice quietly. After a little bit of research, I was interested in the Alesis DM5 Pro. However, I'm pretty picky about some kit specs, so I had some questions.
How expandable is the DM5 Pro?
Can you add multi-zone cymbals or drums? Like a ride with a bell or a chokable crash.
Can you upload more sounds into the brain?
Can the kit be plugged into the computer?
How's the overall sound/hardware quality?

I'm on a relatively tight budget and have no qualms about buying something new, so if you would recommend a different kit to meet my specifications, please do. Another one I was thinking of was the Yamaha DTXPress IV.
Thank you.


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You have 12 inputs, but none are dual zone / stereo.
I just got the kit a month ago.
The only issue I had was the 16 note polyphony was cutting off my buzz rolls, etc.
You can't use chokable pads afaik either.
the hihat is open closed only - no inbetween.
The sounds are okay - but there are really only a few usable ones imho.

I ended up keeping the pads and selling the dm5 head and getting a yamaha dtx500 for a $100 more.

I would suggest this:
there are peeps on ebay selling the "real head" pads for about $40 each for the 8" - I would suggest getting a 10" for your snare - you can get a yamaha three zoner for $100 - so 3x40 plus 100 = about 220 for the toms/snare and figure $50 for a decent kick tower - total so far about $275 - you can get a whole BETTER rack from a high end roland or yamaha for about $75 = so now you are at $350 - add a used dtx 500 for about $200 or new for $300 and you are just a little bit higher , but WAY better - the dtx has triple zone snare and cymbal options with full choke and hi hat, metronome, 64 songs to play along with, recording - and way better samples of actual 5k yamaha drum kits.