Question for everyone, but an extra one for Mapex Owners


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Carlos wrote:
howdy everyone-
i havnt been here for a while, so im glad to see you guys keep this going.
so here is the deal...

My parents and i came to an agreement which ultimately concludes with me getting a new mapex pro-m studio set(22x18 bass drum, 10x8 tom, 12x9 tom, 14x11 tom, 16x13 tom, 14x5.5 snare) with an added on 8x7" tom and the 12x7" bp maple snare i get with the mapex deal they have-"buy the set get the cat". but here is the predicament.... i already have a 13x5.5" bp snare that i love very much and dont want to part with. but my parents said that i need to sell my current set to make room and help aid in the purchasing of this new set. should i keep my bp and have three snares? or should i give up one? if the latter- which one? the new 2007 pro-m snares are 20 lug 7 ply beauties. but on the other hand, the other two are black panthers! and i am a greedy prick.

im hoping to sell my drum set for somewhere around $500-650ish. it comes with bags for all the drums, the brand new mapex hardware pack (minus the tom stand) that comes with my new set, plus my pearl stands, sound offs for all the drums and cymbals and maybe a few other goodies.

so should i sell my set with one of the three snares, or just sell it as a four peice with all the extra stuff?

I almost forgot my question to the Mapex owners out there.... how did you like your stock snare? Is it worth keeping? Pros? Cons?


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I'd also keep all the snares you have. Black Panthers are good snares. I played the cherry one that they add to ProM kits and it sound very sweet. From what I know about ProM snares, you need to change the heads and snares and you have a very good sound.
All in all I'd keep all the snares.


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Pros. The new mapex you can also get a 8x14 snare which is sweet, and stock mapex snares are awesome if ou change the heads. The toms are great they tune really good but you have to chnge the stock heads on all of them.The bass drum stock hea is awesome if you tune it right.

Cons. The stock mapex hardware sucks, cymbal stands, tomholders, don't tighten good and ifyou try to tighten them too much they wil strip out.

Good luck and i would keep the snares and also get the Mapex snare if i was you.

Johnny Cat

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I would never give up anything I love. I'd be kicking myself for the rest of my life. So if you're really attached to that one snare, I say keep it.


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keep the snare and the drum bags for your new kit. sell the other kit not to cheap hell look around for a cheap snare on ebay or your local pawn shop to go w/ the old set. but I would keep the bags and snare or you'll wish you had if ya' sell it it always works out that way, the woulda,shoulda ,coulda syndrome.


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I'm using a second hand M-Series (not a Pro-M) and even that sounds great.

But I'd always go for a Black Panther. :D Deep Forest Cherry is your baby!

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Live I play the 14x8 that came with my 2006 Pro-M rock. It's good but it's not awesome. I REALLY wish it was the 2007 with 20 lugs. That would probably change my mind. I haven't had any issues with hardware but the stock heads suck! What is it with stock heads? They were like saran wrap over the top of the drums. Ughhh! Anyway, I've never sold a kit and only sold one snare drum. It was the black panther that came with the kit. AWESOME snare, just didn't have a use for it and thought it was a shame for it to just sit there. My only regret is the 60's premier kit that got stolen from me. SO, I would keep the snares if they mean something to you, otherwise use the cash and get something that does mean something to you.