Question about throne seat material


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Howdy everyone,

I didn't want to hijack the existing thread about the best throne. My question is more for those of you who play a decent amount of gigs, 100+ per year. When I play, I sweat a lot. I also usually play 3 set shows for 4 to 5 hours. That's a lot of sitting time. The throne I have now is going to need replaced sooner rather than later. The velvety material used on the Roc N Soc seats LOOKS like it could absorb quite a bit of sweat. Has anyone had any problems with the, ahem, odor absorbtion of the seats of Roc N Socs?

I've tried them in shops and they are very comfortable and I am not very concerned about the price. I just don't want to get a new throne if it's going to smell like a gym bag after a few gigs. I am open to using thrones other than Roc N Soc. I would prefer a threaded hight adjustment, 3 legs, and the ability to accommodate a backrest wouldn't be bad. Any suggestions would be welcomed and appreciated. Thanks everybody.


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i have one of the big old pork pie throne seats which it similar to the rock n sock. and i spend many many hours sitting on that thing under hot can lights on stages and in stuffy studios and all sorts of smelly hot bars. but what i do is take a small towl to put over the seat. the towl will collect most of the sweat and you can throw it in the wash every now and then and its as good as new. i've even washed it in fast food rest rooms and hung it out the van window to the next gig and it was nice and fresh. and every now and then i hit the throne itself with fabreeze. but doing this i never noticed anything funky going on with it smell wise or anything