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Since no one else is showing their kit I figured I'd start:

unfortunately those pics are not really up to date because I've already sold the Meinl Filter China and I've changed my throne from the crappy Pearl d-70 to a really nice Mapex T560A :)


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Your kit is amazing! I'm shure you dig it as much as I do;) I'll post pics of my kit as soon as I retrieve my camera:)


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first of all - thanks :)

the colors are different since I bought each of those drums separatly and I didn't really pay any attention to the color - only to the price and to the sound of the drum :) if I had the chance I'd easily buy a pinkish MMX ;)

the specs are:

bass drum: 20x16" Pearl Session Elite Series (7 ply cross laminated birch and mahogany)
rack tom: 12x9" Premier Artist Birch (6 ply birch)
floor tom: 14x14" Pearl Forum Series (6 ply 7,5mm mahogany)
Pearl Free Floating System Series 14x3,5" (maple)
Sonor Jungle Snare Drum 10x2" (maple)

12" Istanbul Agop Traditional Mini Hi-Hat
4" Paiste 2002 Accent
9" Istanbul Agop Traditional Splash
14" Meinl Generation-X Thomas Lang Filter China*
16" Alchemy Professional Sweet Crash
16" Istanbul Agop Traditional Heavy Crash
20" Paiste 2002 Power Ride
20" Istanbul Agop Traditional Swish

5,5" Stagg Cowbell

Mapex(clamp), Pearl(stands, cymbal holder, ISS), Premier(stand), Stagg(cymbal holder)

Premier 6077 Twin Pedal

snares: Evans G1 Coated / Remo Wheaterking Snare Side Hazy Ambassador / Snare Side Hazy 200
toms: Evans G1 Coated / Genera Resonant
bass drum: Evans EQ3 / EQ3 Resonant

Vater Steward Copeland Standard

* - shown in the pics but I don't have it anymore


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well I'm back after a reggae festival and some pretty intense rehearsing with my band (but only untill next week when we hit the road again ;]) with some new pics of my baby :)

I've said bye bye to the Meinl Gen-X China and said hello to Gibraltar's X-Hat adapter which allowed me to install my beloved Paiste 2000 ColorSound Heavy Hats :)