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pretty good. It's not super creative though. But whatever, i like it quite a bit.
Nothing super AMAZING or anything, but it's pretty dang good. Pretty dang good.


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i like it alot. i like the band as a whole and your drumming.

heres a vid from my old band its a year old from when I was a senior in high school but you can get the jist of my drumming.
its a cover of Finch "what it is to burn"

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you sound great and i think tht your band has a lot of potential. i like your drumming but, you should tryt to add that extra something to the songs when ever possible


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Most of these replies are telling you to "add something" to your playing, but I think your restraint is exactly what makes these tracks good. Forcing more fills in there, or, God forbid, some kind of ridiculous solo or chops showcase would absolutely ruin these great and simple punk tunes. Keep doing what you're doing, dude.