Pulse, its what i got


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If you think pulse is cool, you are cool. ;)

ok so what do you think about pulse, should i get a new set?
should i get better heads, different cymbals? help! im a newbie drummer, only played for two-three years... is that newb? plus i know absolutely nothing about drums, and i wanna have a good set!
dude pulses are fine, you just need the sound you want and feel like its your sound, you have to be comfertable with your set to become a good drummer, if you question your set and the way it sounds jus play with the sounds and settings to find wat fits you the best......... just remember, your set up is your set up, you have to make it yourself.

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that's true indeed
for me pulse are not good...
I dont have faith in them, i'm affraid I'll break them.
so I can't play the way I want.

You just need to find your sound. If you can get it out of your pulse drums that is nice.
Try diffrent heads for example.

I have REMO Pinstripes on my toms and they can be tuned in a many diffrent ways.

If the pulse cannot give you that sound, than you have to look for a drumkit that does...

good luck dude


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Like I said in my post about Pulse...I think they are awesome for the money. I prefer low tuning with no resonance, so Aquarian Performance II batters and medium resonant heads provide that on the toms, and Aquarian Super Kick II w/ Regulator front heads make your kick sound deep and full. I would recommend different cymbals and upgraded hardware (the hardware that comes with the Pulse sets is ridiculous).
These guys are right though...your sound is YOUR sound...I doesn't matter if your set is $500 or $5000, as long as it sounds good to YOU and does what YOU want it to do.


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thanks guys, i feel so welcome in this forum. The feedback is awsome, thanks again so much.
this is what i upgraded to:

evans hydraulic's heads for toms
Zildjin a custom fast crash
Sabian B8 ride
Zildjin ZBT hi-hats
Ludwig hi-hat and crash stands
TAMA foot pedal

Im looking for a base drum head that is deep and has low resonanse. also a good crash-ride or ride that has a short, hi pitched "ping"

can someone help me out?

The Heel

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As he stated the Aquarian Superkick II is a good bass drum head, I personally use the Evan's Emad system. Remo just also came out with the new PowerSonic... these are all good choices for what you're looking for in a bass drum head.


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What model Pulse kit do you have? Is it laquored or does it have wraps on the shells? I find that FOR ME, Evans EMAD system works well on the wrapped shells; Aquarian Super Kick II (with Regulator front head, they usually come together in a pack) gives the best low end sound on the laquored kick...
Evans hydaulics are a good choice for medium tuning as well :D
Also, the bass pedal beater has more to do with the sound and punch than a lot of people think...you might buy a few different ones (Tama Iron Cobra beater, Pearl Quad beater, Axis beater, and standard round beater) try find what sound you want...and you'll know what sound is right because it'll be like this orgasmic punch in the gut when you hear it


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personally i dont like them, but if thats the sound that you are after and love, then go for it, but just put like pinstripes on them or something, but its all about what you like!


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i bought a pulse like 5 years ago and its time for me to retire it... i am actually looking at buying into a differnt company like ddrum... it was a great set to start off with but i wound not feel comfortable playing a gig with it, that might be just cuz they are old

as long as you get a set... do it be happy with what you got and enjoy drumming cuz well it might just be the greatest thing out there