Protecting your ears


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Theres now 3 guitarists, 2 vocalists, a bassist and me in my band, and its getting rather loud in my basement. Im starting to get worried about my hearing and im wondering if any of you know of anything to protect my ears without canceling out all the sounds i need to hear.


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Go out and buy yourself a pair of monstertruck or racing event headphones. Ear protection for shooting will work too. Take an extra amp to use as a monitor, and pull it as close to you as possible when you guys are playing. You'll be able to hear what's going on, and you'll still be able to somewhat hear yourself play, but the beauty is that your ears will be protected. You may look goofy, but in reality, the look of working ears in fifty years time looks very cool. Another option is "in-ear" monitors. But you'd have to purchase a very expensive system for that. Besides, if you don't keep the volume low with the "in-ears" you end up doing the same kind of damage. Remember, you want to keep your hearing as accurate as possible, being a drummer and all...

Personally, I don't use ear protection because they make my ears itch. Although, the music I'm involved with really isn't all that loud...


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I HIGHLY recomend doing wut the first guy said, but if you dont want to wear those big over the head kind (they make kinda flat ones) at least get ear plugs


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I suggest using Vic Firth isolation head phones and plugging them into the monitor. This way you can turn the music up or down as loud as you would like & still hear yourself. They are 60 bucks though. If you aren't willingto spend the money go for the earplugs.

This is going to sound funny, but take some tissue, ball it up and put it in your ears. It won't completely block out the sound but it will some.


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Here are some cheap ear plugs that basically just lower the volume without cutting out all of the low end. ... sku=421214

The only downside is that they don't block out as much sound as other ear plugs, but they really do work as if everything was just turned down a little bit.
I personally love them.
I only use them live, and I use the foam ones in practice because they block out more sound.


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i'd say to wear earplugs anytime your behind the kit. you have to protect your hearing. if you have any friends in the construction business or who works in a factory, they usally have boxes and boxes of ear plugs for the employees. find someone who works at a place like this and have them grab you a bunch.


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as well as protecting your ears, it will make your drums sound better as the overtones will be reduced.
man, i hate earplugs...

for practice, i use a pair of shooting headphones. you should be able to find them at any hardware store for less than $12.

they make tons of "drumming" headphones, but you'd be shelling out between $60-$200 for a set of those.

you want a set of isolation headphones you can plug in and use for monitors / plug in to your ipod so you can practice?

wear a pair of ear buds underneath them.... OR.... take a pair of standard earphones, break them off from the head piece and stick them in the ears of the hardware store bought muffs.

you now have, basically, the same thing for $40-$140 less than you'd pay for "music" headphones.


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Thanks alot guys, i usually use ear plugs when i practice but i feel they block out too much sound. Ill deffinetly check out those "Hearos" tho, looks like they'll be perfect.
Thanks again,


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I use ear plugs that cut out the damaging frequency while allowing you to hear the music fine. They are alittle expensive for plugs ($30 or so) but they help alot. At the end of the ringing. The plugs I use are the same ones I use while shooting on the range.


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i use a pair of 99cent shooting earplugs usualy like 1dollar 18 cents. they are blue and come in a little blue case, they have an orange chord that holds them together, they get 128db(decibal) rating and they cut the impacat highly. i use them because they dampen everything, i can still hear great, it also helps the bass stickout to lock up. they are washable. im eventualy going to get those Vic Firth ones for recording. ive tried using the shooting ones and the construction ones that you get at hardware stores, the full isolation ones, they work good but a lil overkill. they would be cool and use some good headphones inside them for recording


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I just ordered a pair of Vic Firth isolation headphones, and used them for the first time tonight. They work great!

You can still hear everything fine, but the volume is reduced to a safe level, and you can also use them to listen to a metronome/CD/monitor at a safe volume. I was practicing with my new Dr. Beat, and was amazed I could actually hear the metronome well when it wasn't at volume. When I took the headphones off, and continued playing for a few minutes, my drums seemed even louder than usual, and I really noticed how bad it must be for my hearing to play without protecting my hearing. So I definitely recommend the Vic Firths.


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I never used to protect my ears, and take it from me: WEAR SOME DAMN EAR PLUGS!

Only after a year with my last band (we practiced 3 times a week and played a bunch of shows), i noticed i had this constant ringing in my ears (i still think i hear it sometimes), and i have a really hard time hearing people on the phone now.

And when i mess with sound boards and EQs and shit, people always tell me i put up waaaay too much high end--which means i can't hear high end sound as well as most people.

So use some damn earplugs. Someone already mentioned Hearos, i use those now, they work great. And they're cheap.


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Couldn't agree more with vahnn, I've developed tinnitus - ringing ears too (for me it's only the left though). And I've only been playing for less than a year. I use a shooting muff and it does the job pretty well, take care of your ears its an investment you can't afford to lose yet. And for vahnn, man just a friendly advice: if you haven't seen a audiologist for that yet, I suggest you see one. Depending on the severity of your case, they might have a way to help you.

hope that helps. :)


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aaah, yeah that would be a great idea, but i'm poor and currently cannot afford it. i have no health insurance and i just spent all my money on new drumheads and a splash cymbal. and car repairs.

the scary thing about my hearing sucking so much now is i'm only 22. =\ it's been like this for 3 years though.


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I have been using in ear monitors for about 8 years now and have just been informed that I have been doing as much damage if not more
Because I was plugging them directly into the headphone jack of my mixer
I was not using the compression unit that normally comes with the package
My boss explained that I have wiped out the ultra high frequencies that give definition to the audible frequencies
For oinstance
I can hear someone talking in a crowded room
I just can't understand them
I have to have them talk right into my ear
Back to ear plugs and a cranked up set of headphones


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hmm... There are a lot of website that can help you as for information concerning tinnitus, in fact just typing tinnitus could give you loads of text to read for the next few hours. I wouldn't recommend taking or buying anything if you haven't seen a doctor though... but the tips on how to take care of your ears are valuable. Government usually offers free services to people that can't afford to pay the bills. Maybe you could approach someone on your local sector to help you get the treatment you needed. It might include a lot of work to actually get there (paperworks and legal stuff since free health service are most of the time not advertised, 4 years of healthcare in college taught me that... blame the govs for that) but I believe its worth the shot. I don't promise a cure, maybe something just to lessen the noise and to keep you secure over you hearing.

I think I've hijacked this thread long enough. To the other guys, i'm sorry. maybe we should start a whole new thread talking about on how we can take care of ourselves, for our art :)

again hope that helps.


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I use the Hearos brand

Don't waste your money on the custom molds. Reason why is that while they seal completely to your ear canal, when you open your mouth the shape of your ear canal changes slightly, therefore "breaking the seal". The Hearos I linked to stay sealed, and they are exponentially less expensive (like 12 times)....Custom Ear molds- $150-200. Hearos- $14.99

If you are not using hearing protection now, eventually you will have to stick something in your ears. They're called "hearing aids". I have what is called "nerve deafness" where if there is background noise and you are right in my face, I cannot understand one word you say.